Bucket List Check | Cosmic Bowling

One night we decided to go to the bowling alley. The cosmic bowling prices were great and this was a small place so there weren’t too many people. It isn’t like I’ve never gone cosmic bowling before though. I accidentally went once with my husband for his 22nd birthday or so. That was a whole different story but I’ll never forget that night despite losing the photos.

We stayed for about two or three hours just playing back to back games. Of course I lost because for some reason I am achingly bad at bowling. The score was astronomical. I came in last place and C came in first place, probably for each game at that.

Regardless of the scores and the perverted names we put on our screens, we still had a pretty good night. The best part was probably the fact that M won the random raffle they were having. We got a whole free large pizza and definitely indulged for the night.

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