Bucket List Check | Horse Back Riding

The general forecast for this weekend was “ruin the plans you drove three hours out of your way to do” and “wow, black skies”. We actually assumed the weather would not hold and that we were going to have to cut our trip short. It wasn’t the prettiest but the weather still held out until we were done with our over two hour trek through Florida scrub on horseback.

We learned how to canter and we saw oranges growing in the wild. (Duh, it is Florida after all.) It was still a nice site to see nonetheless and our trail guide dismounted and picked a few for us and her horse. It was so delightful. I also learned a fun fact. Horses love moss! Who would’ve known? She said we could pick a little and give it to her to eat. My favorite part about the horses were that they would get distracted and eat random plants and moss. It was adorable and I found it a bit too humorous.

We were sprinkled on just a tiny bit but it was well worth the crappy weather. That was the theme of the weekend anyway. We had some open space but it was mostly just trails with Florida scrub and palmettos on either side. C’s horse’s name was Tank and I can’t quite remember my horse’s name.

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