Bucket List Check | Helicopter Ride

For our third wedding anniversary, we crossed a few things off of our list of things to experience. Among the three, the helicopter ride was the most breathtaking experience. We were lucky we could even go because as you would have read in the other anniversary treks, black clouds were looming the entire weekend. The sky finally broke for our very last stop of the trip. The rides kept getting delayed because the rain was heavy in certain areas. We huddled with all the tourists under covered bleachers. Needless to say, we still ended up being semi damp because the rain was splashing onto the bleachers and bouncing onto our clothing.

Helicopter ride over Orlando, FL (9)

When we finally boarded the helicopter, I sat in the front and my honey sat in the back. Our flight attendant flew us over the main tourist parts of Orlando. We saw some of the Disney parks, like Epcot, but not the Magic Kingdom. There is a strict regulation in the city that you cannot fly in that zone. It was an interesting ride because we learned history of Orlando, current renovations, and just enjoyed the breathtaking views. Everything we said came through ear pieces since it was too loud to hear under the choppers.

Helicopter ride over Orlando, FL (25)

Throughout our conversations, it was still raining and I could feel droplets coming through an opening on the door onto my pants leg. Let’s talk about scary. I probably could have stuck my hand out in that opening but I didn’t dare. I almost didn’t move the entire ride.

We also saw the pop resorts, downtown Disney, the hotel we stayed at for my 21st birthday (the Hilton), Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. There are views you just cannot explain in words or even through multitudes of photos. Nothing will describe the experience accurately unless you were thrown into the cockpit yourself and whirred across the sky above beauty.

This is something I would definitely do again. It was worth the money, the wait, and getting soaked. I just wish it had been longer than 15 minutes.

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