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I’m just going to say right now that this activity is possibly one of the scariest adrenaline rushes I’ve encountered. It wasn’t exactly because of the ziplining itself though. Most of it was because of the “treeptop trek” obstacle course in the trees we had to complete before we got to the zips. Rather, the courses we chose since we chose “The Black Diamond” course. The Black Diamond is the longest and most strenuous of the courses they have listed on their signs. Can you imagine fumbling with wires and making sure you’re clipped in high above the trees?  Well, I sure can and I’m the one that is afraid of heights.

We were trekking through a zoo so obviously you would expect animals right? Right! We climbed past monkeys that were climbing; It was climbing inception. The only other animal we saw were colorful birds and they paid no attention to us. We were the subject of conversation for everyone below us. One kid at the monkey exhibit even pointed at us and said we were monkeys. His mom smacked his arm and said not to call names. Brat.

Ziplining in Melbourne, FL (20)

We walked across multiple settings of wood and even just a wire at one point while clipped in above. There were also hanging logs you had to get across—-gracefully. Although I messed that last part out, I felt really bad for the people behind me. I crept slowly over some of these courses and they had no choice but to wait. For a select few of the courses, I had entire groups piling up behind the entrance of  courses that I crept over slowly. Just like my husband, they were racing and bouncing through like there was no problem.

Once you got above the trees, you had to go back and forth clipping and unclipping yourself while holding on for dear life. At one point you have to climb straight up (180 degrees) and try not to shake while looking down. Then you had to climb yet another after getting over the initial fear of height. The second platform was maybe wide enough for two people to stand on and there was already another person on their directing people.  This was the biggest zip and it was about a 700-foot long ride over the wetlands. This zip only compared to one other zip and that was the second to last zip. The second to last zip was like the grand finale. The ride is over a large opening of water. The catch was the fact that this gap housed the alligator exhibit. This is also where all the people would stand from the bridge with their “ooohs” and “aaahs”.

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    1. You definitely should. It should be you guys’ next adventure. It is so much fun. It is very close to the feeling of flying.

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