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For our “super fancy dinner”, we went to The Melting Pot. What you pay for is the experience. The experience was grand though.  C went with the anniversary package so I received one rose in a vase for each year we were together. It was so sweet.  They even went as far to take a picture for us and framed it while we were sitting there. Now we have a cool magnet frame and tiny words to mismatch all concerning cheese and other such cheesy sayings. 😉

We decided to go with the three course meal. They start you off with a salad. Then you choose the cheese of your choice. Being that we are Hispanic food junkies, we went with the spiciest sounding cheese on the menu. We chose top shelf fiesta. They gave us a whole plate of bread and vegetables to dip it in. We then chose a cooking style (a broth for our meats) and cooked the meat ourselves with the fondue stickers. I had lobster. They give you the choice of which set of meats you can have and you choose three. They provide so much delicious sauce to dip everything in.

I had the best alcoholic drink I’ve ever had in my life though: the appletini. This drink was so mouthwatering good and I still haven’t been able to find anything like it. Hubby got the “blue eyes”. It was a play on Sinatra and I didn’t know that then all of a sudden that song started playing and he busted out his “I told you so” card. That’s probably the only way I would’ve known. We definitely had a good experience with their drink choices.

The Melting Pot dinner (6)

 When the chocolate came out, we were stuffed but in heaven. We were two bites away from a food coma but there wasn’t anything coming in between us and those brownies. We got what is called “the flaming turtle”. The best was to explain it is picturing chocolate on fire with nuts in the bottom of the chocolatey lake. It was awesome though. They provided brownies, cheesecake, red velvet, bananas, rice crispy treats, and everything you could possibly think of. YUM. Oh and I forgot to mention that I rarely eat chocolate because I’m not a huge fan; this was perfection down to the chocolate on our faces and just about everything else minus the bowl. Everything was tasty and we left that place with as walking chocolate zombies with too-full bellies.

The Melting Pot dinner (17) The Melting Pot dinner (18)

It was so delicious, although we attempted to take it home because we were too stuffed. The hotel didn’t have a refrigerator so we ended up losing our chocolate to the clumping forces of evil. It was mostly salvaged though. No harm, no foul!

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    1. I saw your pictures and I loved comparing our experiences! I have been to one other since (on a BFF fondue date) but by far the one in Melbourne near Cocoa Beach was by far my favorite. It was soooo yummy. I’m glad you guys had a great time on your honeymoon! It is definitely a romantic place.

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