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Most people go for all out ragers for their 21st birthday. I just wanted to get drunk and go to Disney World the next day. That is exactly what we did and I did not see the problem until the next morning. We stayed at the Hilton Resort for the weekend just to get away and have a little fun.

We left the hotel and headed down to CityWalk. I obviously had a lot more to drink than he did. I think I have a problem because the more I drank, the more I bought into the Orlando souvenir money scheme. I spent the extra money on a drink just to keep the glass and even started conning my husband into buying his. I kid you not, we left with three glasses that night.

Our first stop was Margaritaville. I got two drinks, both of which were delicious. Then we wandered over to the Hard Rock. I had one of the second best drinks I’ve ever had in my life. I still honestly don’t know what it is called. They revamped their drinks menu so I looked at the front page, pointed to something blue (I am obsessed with blue or green drinks for some odd reason) and asked for the recommendation. She said that blue drink I pointed to was one of the best ones on the menu so I took her word for it. She was totally right. That blue drink made me intoxicated out of my mind so I stumbled out after our dinner, that I barely ate because I drank too much, and was pretty much being sillier than planned in public no less. I also barely ate because potato skins were brought to us. I was baffled by the receipt of said potato skins. I thought it was kind of fishy because we didn’t order them but they seemed very sure about it and I had drank too much to not know it wasn’t a free birthday incentive. We realized it was the tables’ behind us and well, there was nothing that could have been done at that point. I will never know the name but oh I could have drank twenty of those. This blue drink sealed the deal for my 21st birthday. I’m really glad I didn’t because by the time we left Margaritaville and I started on this one, I was trying to stand up straight and not take my shoes off in an attempt to run through CityWalk barefoot.

We headed back to the hotel after this drinking escapade.

Next day we spent as many hours as possible at Disney World before our legs went limp and fell out. We were super tired and I was feeling yucky from the night before anyway. However the day was a really good one. When we got there, we had to go through the back entrance and avoid the castle for half of the day because of some major filmed event going on. The crowds were so out of control and everything was blocked off. The massive amounts of redirection and traffic was one damper. The second damper was the fact that I dressed for a crisp December day and even bought a brand new coat I was really excited to wear for my birthday Disney trip. Guess what? I’ll give you a hint. I didn’t wear it. I barely wanted to wear the leggings I had on after about 11 AM. An 80 degree December day in Florida? I should’ve known. The very next thing is what made up for everything.

Cinderella’s Castle during the Christmas season is one of my favorite things in the world. I get teary-eyed and goosebumps every time I see those icicles light up. Of course they have to have a grandeur ceremony for that. It just reminds me of such good times. I was truly delighted for this. I got to experience one of the biggest joys of my life in the arms of my loving husband who made my trip more magical than the initial ferry ride into the park.  I got to meet some of my favorite princesses too. Ariel being one of them. And I saw Stitch! Ohana means family! Snow White was super duper nice but she literally would not stop talking. I just wanted a picture and felt rude if I tried to walk away, even if the next family was already trying to pose with her. Rapunzel kept talking too. Something about a frying pan.

This was our first *and last* time experiencing room service. Not only was the bill inflated about four times what it should be, we made such a big mess. I’m pretty sure before we left, there was chicken wing sauce on the big fluffy sheets. I don’t even know how it happened to be honest. We ordered some alcohol and some late night food. That probably answers my question.

Downtown Disney!
Yet another cost-less adventure. It’s almost like Disney without the four hour lines! (Just kidding, I love Disney.) But yeah. My favorite photo in this set is the one next to the pirate and the helm. I was trying to force a very hard selfie (that he wasn’t feeling at the time) and had almost convinced him to take it with me (because I take too many pictures apparently) when the lady working there asked if she could take one for us. I got an evil grimace on my face and said “suuuure” with evil eyes while smiling at my poor dear husband who was about to partake in an unwanted picture. I laughed so hard after this picture was taken. Especially because she had us pose in multiple shots. Oh, the life I live as Chayanne’s wife.

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