Bucket List Check | Throw a Halloween Party

We threw a costume party for Halloween and even Charlie dressed up. He was an itty bitty elephant.


I was Marilyn and C was Spiderman. I still think we were a pretty bangin’ couple. I was planning for matching couple costumes and I even had it all planned out. I was going to be Marilyn Monroe and he was going to be James Dean. Somehow he ended up being Spiderman. Yeah… we don’t ask questions in this family.


Everyone else came as something different and I loved every second of it because everyone dressed up. These people made my night. To think, they all just cared to be there with us and even went out of their way to dress up.

We bought a fog machine and it was just so amusing to me; one might say it was bangin’. So bangin’ that I almost got kicked out of my own home. Except not really, I’m only exaggerating. I kept pressing the button so since we were in a tiny apartment, it filled up really fast and no one could breathe. We had everything blacked out and lights up. We even had a cauldron full of ice and a flashing light, filled with beer.

Beer pong was going, people were dancing, and friends were meeting other friends. All around the experience was just so perfect that I can’t wait to do it again this year and possibly even make it a tradition.


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