Bucket List Check | Glow Mini Golf

As a smaller adventure we had, there aren’t many details to put into this one but it was one night we decided to go out with the kids to play glow mini golf. The kids had school the next day so it was a pretty spontaneous decision. We had a good time with them and just goofed off though. It was to the point that I’m pretty sure I lost my glasses at one point (in the dark no less) because Z somehow managed to whack them off with his golf club. He did this but did not break them. Let’s talk about impressive, shall we? We were the only ones in the building so we took our time and stayed out all night. The course took us forever. Us adults and the kids kept doing weird things with the props. My favorite part was that there was a rat that resembled Mickey Mouse at Disney World. His name was Ricky Rat. HA.

They were most excited about the end when they got to play in the arcade. They both got tokens and Z chose two small plastic gold fish as his prize. He even gave me one.


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