Bucket List Check | Go to Comic-Con

My first convention. Comic Con 2013. 
There were so many great cosplayers and so much nerdy goodness to indulge in. The best part of the convention was seeing the creativity people put into making their costume from scratch or just seeing how close people get to resembling their characters even if they didn’t make their costumes. I wanted to take R2D2 home with me but I probably wouldn’t have gotten away with it. Besides, it would’ve been weird for the tiny man inside.


My first anime convention. Metrocon 2014.
There are a lot of interesting people in this world and these are the places you find them. I’ve come to find that people just like to dress up. This goes along with my Renaissance Festival story. There were so many great cosplayers from Disney, anime of course, Pokemon, Orange is the New Black, and even to Bob’s Burgers.  A and I dressed up; I was Misty from Pokemon and she was Rin from an anime called Blue Exorcism.

A was just so fun to be around and she was making really dumb jokes with my husband the entire time. It was slightly entertaining but geesh, their antics are quite similar. I think she is most confident and most like herself when she’s dressing up as another character.

Hubby engaged in Pokemon battles with random strangers who would approach us by the escalators. We had nowhere to sit because of how packed the gigantic convention center was packed. He got to show off his shiny black Charizard and that made him happy.

The best part about the cosplay is that people were actually asking to take my picture. Beard Misty was by far my favorite. He whispered that I was the real one but no, he definitely got that award. We also got to see J! It has been so long since we saw him. We’re so proud of him for living his dream and going places with his voice acting.

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