Bucket List Check | Go to a Mermaid Convention

Merpalooza is a smaller, low key mermaid convention in which vendors, Mertailor models, and pool events take place. We walked around looking at the mermaid merch and I drooled over the silicone tails. I watched people get “buttered” down so they could fit into these large beautiful rubber creations. The mermaids were pretty nice, too. One even complimented on my husband’s Coheed and Cambria shirt. I guess mermaids like to rock, too. That really sums up the convention for us.

I bought a few things and I usually don’t succumb to the overpriced souvenirs sold at any event. That tells you something. Maybe my mermaid obsession is out of hand. Both items were glass and handmade —- already broken within months of buying them. Although both are already fixed now, it was still a sad sight. Note to self: do not let the clumsy one buy anything that is glass and wearable.

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