Bucket List Check | Go Canoeing

After our first experience kayaking on the Weeki Wachee, I figured our next trip would be a piece of cake. We decided to try canoeing out for size this time. I’m glad we did for the experience but I have to say without a doubt that I prefer kayaking to canoeing any day. Kayaking is much easier to steer, to move, and to avoid the awful spider trees. We also almost tipped the canoe any time we got the chance to do so. That in itself is another advantage; kayaks are a lot harder to tip. The weather and the water were both beautiful the weekend we went. We bought a disposable underwater camera and I’m sure I filled the film within the first two hours of being on the river. It is hard not to control picture taking habits when your environment is just so pristine and refreshing.

At one point in the middle of our endeavor, we wanted to get out of the canoe to swing from some ropes. Our problem was that we had no way to tie our canoe down. M ended up sacrificing her hair band (which looks like underwear) and tying it to a stump. We called it the party boat because it was staying on the bank because of her “underwear” and just looked awful from another person’s perspective.

This time down the river we finally saw manatees. I jumped ship to try and get a picture of it. It was a very difficult task obviously. I almost fell right out of the canoe and I was just scared to touch it. I understand they are nice creatures but I did not want to disrupt her swim, assuming it was even a female, but I did give her a little pet on the back. I would’ve gotten the picture but for even though she was so big, she moved pretty fast but very gracefully at the same time. I tried to keep up the best I could but I was already waist deep doing the awkward run you do in water. I didn’t end up getting the picture because my phone died right when I reached it. I wasted so much time and effort. Ah, I was just happy to have seen that beautiful fat mermaid sea cow in the first place.

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