Bucket List Check | See the Mermaids of Weeki Wachee

I had been anticipating this moment ever since I had heard of the park side of Weeki Wachee from a few friends. Meeting real mermaids? This could’ve been a better dream to have when I was maybe 8 years old but you know, who cares!? I don’t! I felt like a kid at Disney World. We explored the park and took silly pictures with the props.

We watched the live adaptation of the Little Mermaid with the famous Weeki Wachee mermaids. The underwater aquarium is one of Florida’s springs main attraction. The mermaids stay underwater with breathing tubes for about thirty minutes and perform choreographed dances.

When we had lunch, we were surrounded by peacocks. They are beautiful animals so it was fine. It is just kind of scary because they were meandering around, just waiting for food to drop like one of our dogs would. They hit the jackpot with the small children across the patios from us. I have never seen a peacock eat a french fry before but he enjoyed every bit of it. My drink came in a super cool souvenir mermaid cup that I have not touched since then but hey, at least I have it.

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