Bucket List Check | Field full of flowers!

When we lived in north Florida, I did not have a camera I could take pictures with. I lost mine prior to moving. My dad let me borrow my grandmother’s film camera just to take some shots around the city. I took some of the flowers but because the lighting was awful that day, I was not able to get any good shots, and was fairly disappointed when they were developed.

I had dreamed of these fields of wild flowers since then and always imaged the pictures I could be taking of them being a great subject.

Those dreams came true on our way home from my dad’s wedding. Despite having a four hour drive ahead of us, my supportive husband pulled over and took about a hundred photos of me with the massive concentration of wild flowers. I twirled in the pinks and purples and I was in a very happy place in this moment. This is by far one of my favorite things about north Florida and all I have to say is — Sometimes you just have to stop to smell the flowers.

…these didn’t really smell like anything except dirt. They were just pretty to look at.

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    1. I can’t find my memory card. :[
      If you go look at my tagged pictures on instagram Sophia took one I really like, it was raining though and moms boyfriend was being impatient so I don’t have many.

  1. I found the picture and yes, I think that is the same field! It is absolutely beautiful. I love those flowers! I like yours because you’re actually laying in it!

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