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 I love growing flowers. Usually 3/7 of the seeds I scatter will actually grow. It’s a learning process, I’m sure I’ll get the “garden level” one day. 😉

Apartment window sunflowers are on a whole new level of difficulty. I succeeded though. I want to think that the 2013 sunflower was a dwarf because it bloomed only after a foot of stalk shot up. I was so delighted when I saw the first peek of yellow in this little guy. It would’ve grown taller if my curious felines hadn’t enjoyed it just as much as I had.

I’m growing another sunflower that we’ll call the 2014 sunflower for less confusion purposes. Now that we moved into a house and have a yard to actually do so. I have a feeling this flower is going to be huge. It is as tall as me and still growing. It is about to bloom, so when it does I will add the photos to this gallery. I’m really excited; there are little things in life I assure you.

I’m starting to see yellow in the bud for my new sunflower. Soon, soon my pretty.

2013-04-10 19.53.042013-04-10 19.52.31

7/23/14 – UPDATE! The 2014 sunflower has officially bloomed. I have quite a journey with this seed. I was not expecting the flower to bloom into this color. It was yellow when the bud first formed but now it is very orange and red. It changes from day to day.

Toward the end of the growing cycle, I encountered an inhabitant of my flower. She camouflaged herself in the soil under the watering pot. Before you ask why it is in the flower’s bed—I had to place it in the soil as a means to keep the stalk from snapping. After a rough storm, I went outside and saw it was practically sideways. I made it stand up again by using the spout of the watering pot as support. That is how the toad burrowed herself into the dark, moist soil under the pot in the first place.


When I first noticed her, I called my husband outside to look at it. Now understand here that we are both quite stunted in our vision. He stood there for long enough and asked if I was growing something else. I told him yes sarcastically thinking he could see the pesky toad. Until I heard “OHHH!”, I knew he still couldn’t see her. I tried watering Ms. Toad until she left. Of course amphibians enjoy water so I was less than successful until she was in a swimming pool. She hopped off not to return again.


To my dismay, this dark moss green toad settled right back into her home. I did not know this until my husband was mowing and sent me this lovely photo of her throwing me hand signals. I let the toad be this time as she will hopefully do no damage even if she is slimy and fat. I gave her a makeover to ease back on the ugly in the meantime.


The stalk was huge within months and growing taller every day. I was not sure it would ever stop growing. The stalk is officially taller than I am now. Also, the flower still has to grow. The petals will look small and the center will look large. This is only the beginning stages of the bloom but now I present my red sun sunflower!

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