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In less than a year, I managed to almost finish a sleeve.

2013-03-03 19.39.04

I believe I have three more sessions left then I’m done. One for small filler work, one big piece, and one to touch up. I have everything planned out *and have since I got my first one*. I’m excited and ready. I enjoy seeing the colors every day.

The feeling of getting a tattoo is like no other. I love the smell of ink, the feel of the needle vibration, and just everything about it. Except near-bone sessions, long sessions, and the scabbing healing process of course.

My purple clouds got infected because of a reaction I had to the color. I didn’t know this was a thing until my dad told me he could never keep a red pigment in his skin. I had to get them redone quite a few times just because it kept scarring and fading.

I’m really glad I found the artist I did the second time around. Mike Hernandez at Trilogy Tattoos is by far one of the best artists. He’s so nice, so talented, and we’re really grateful we get to spend our two hour sessions talking to him. Hubby likes him a lot too and actually has some work from him. He gets a lot of compliments on his work every day when I’m paying for gas, grocery shopping, or just walking in the park.

The two ankle acorns pictured below are matching best friend tattoos. Out of all the sessions I’ve sat through, three and four hour long sessions at that, I have to say that the five minute ankle session has by far been the worst experience of my life. It was so painful, like our friendship. It represents our barefoot friendship. We have Plant City feet and most of you should know what that means. It isn’t by choice or anything. It’s just the fact that we may or may not could walk on coals and not feel it.


It’s insane to sit through hours of someone scraping your skin with needles, but I’m happy and I anticipate the rest!

My plan for the rest of my tattoos are:

1. Finishing my Nautical Sleeve:   – get my octopus colored and shaded
get my loggerhead colored and shaded
get my helm colored and shaded
– add bubbles, filler work, pirate flag
– redo mermaid and rocks

2. Aristocats tattoo inside of right thigh

3. Start my Floral Sleeve:  – sunflower, blue orchid, rose – the main flowers.
– red poppy, lavender, bells of Ireland – the secondary flowers.
– the rest: angel trumpet, cactus blossoms, echinacea, gardenia, hibiscus, hydrangea, tiger lily, pansies,                                                  petunias, tulips, water lily.

4. My cats & dogs faces

5.  A Day to Remember on left calf

6. Disney homage on left thigh

7. Cat + Paw Print on right Foot

8. Cross and possibly Casting Crowns lyrics on left foot

9. Tattoo for my daughter

10. Wisteria tree on right rib

11. Matching tattoo with hubby

12. Itty-bitty bobby pin on my right leg

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