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Every day we drove past the aquarium was another day we talked about going. Once we finally moved to Davis Island, we settled in and ended up going a month later.

The Florida Aquarium (38)The Florida Aquarium (17)

There isn’t much to say about the aquarium because most people have been to one at least once in their lives. There’s no doubt that we saw turtles, otters, jelly fish, penguins, stingray, sharks, octopus, and so many fishies.

The otter was so delightful. He just kept doing flip after flip. He didn’t get tired until the very moments I would decide to snap a photo. He was probably just camera shy but I suppose he earns that right by being stared at every day.

For a few moments of our visit, I thought I was going to die because I wasn’t listening when they said not to touch the sea urchins. I definitely did though and I didn’t realize it until afterward. We took the time for each exhibit to learn what they were teaching (minus the sea urchins) and had such a fun time exploring the multitude of breathtaking tanks.

The Florida Aquarium (34) The Florida Aquarium (33)

Just for me, there was even a mermaid!

The Florida Aquarium (19)

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