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Over the course of our marriage, we’ve seen some great bands in concert.

On Valentine’s Day 2013, we went to the Fair and saw Less Than Jake. This was my first ska show and I experienced the beautiful brass sounds mixed with that punk music I love so much.

IMG_20130214_191443 IMG_20130214_203725

In November of 2013, we saw Streetlight Manifesto live. It was an awesome show and ten times more hardcore than I thought any ska show could have gotten. I sung along to every word that I could remembered. There was a strong connection for this particular show though because it is my husband’s favorite band and he gets so passionate when it comes to Streetlight. So, as we were singing along, I was in his arms. There was no place I would’ve rather been at that time. I wouldn’t have traded the sweat from strange men around me, the suffocation, or the mixture of loudness and lights for that moment.

In July 2013, I experienced my first reggae show: Stick Figure and Passafire. Reggae shows aren’t quite what I’m used to considering the heavy nature of the music I listen to but it was relaxing almost. We hung out in a small cubby and people watched for most of the show. When our band came on, we sang along (even though I only knew two songs or so). We stayed in Orlando for the weekend because Warped Tour was the next day and that leads me to the next section. We were glad to be out of this part of Orlando though because the parking and the driving was a bit more complex than it should’ve been.

Then of course we have the staple Warped Tour photos. We mostly went so we could see Big D and the Kids Table together. Big D is our band and we had been trying to see them live for years! We were so burnt and so tired but it was so worth it.

IMG_0617 IMG_0612

We waited outside in that awful “get into the gate” line, in the hot sun, standing the whole time just to do the same on the inside of the gates. To our surprise, Big D was playing first on one of the stages in the very back. A lot of people actually didn’t make it to their show because the line was just so long and they weren’t expecting them to play first, so they didn’t make it inside in time. We made it by the skin on our teeth and ended up having the front row view!! It was the most exciting moment of our lives. We were so giddy and jumping up and down. The show was one of the best ones we’ve ever seen.

And guess what?

We met them!!!!!! C got his limited edition album signed by each member of the band. I got a ticket signed. Not as cool but now one of the coolest pages in my scrapbook nonetheless.

Some other bands we also enjoyed were Sleeping with Sirens, Chiodos, Reel Big Fish, OH Sleeper, and so on.

Reel Big Fish was one of my favorite shows other than Big D. So many people gathered from so many different walks of life. Old people, young people, people who were at the hardcore show next door, and so on. Everyone was just so positive and full of energy; especially the band and they have been around for quite some time. I was dancing pretty hard out there in that mud. It was storming like crazy. Of course welcome to Florida.

Lets back up a few steps. We had to huddle in the entrance of a bathroom before we got to see them because they temporarily shut down Warped because of lightning. It was the most cramped area I’ve ever sat in my life with people practically on top of us. My biggest goal was trying to keep the cigarette smoke out of my mouth because the idiot pressed up against us wanted to get their nicotine fix. To each their own, but please let me breathe in a small space?

Once we were given the go, everyone got up and ran like crazy back to their stages. It was so worth the waiting, secondhand smoke, and the dirty floor.

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