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The strange coincidence of our lives is that so far we have gotten a new pet every year we have been married. If we continue on this path, we may want to get a bigger house.

Grayfox was our first furry feline. (Technically a black cat named Hemingway was first but we didn’t have him for long.) Grayfox was rescued from an abandoned Jeep in my parents’ yard. Every now and then we would see a kitten and one day decided to investigate. She was one out of maybe three kittens. We only saw two though. We were going to keep her brother too until we were attacked by him. He ran off and we didn’t see him anymore. Grayfox was the only one that would let us get even semi close and she actually waited around on the dash of that Jeep. We gave her a bath and decided that’s when we would take her in as our own. We’ve kept her since she was that small kitten we were nursing back to health. There’s no bigger delight than giving a stray kitty a big can of wet cat food and watching her sloppily devour the can. We took her everywhere we moved. I remember the first time we moved with her, I put her in the hood of my jacket and went inside McDonald’s to use the bathroom. She stayed and no one noticed. She hadn’t moved for the entire four hour drive but decided to at that moment. She almost fell into the toilet. We decided to stop to eat some breakfast before we left and again, she stayed completely still.

She has formed a bond to me and although she is a bit anti social, I love her the same.

Putz was our second cat to join the family. She was born from a relative’s cat right under her son’s bed. We picked out the white kitty out of a few other dark ones. We just thought she was super pretty and she turned out to be really fluffy and really loving. For the longest time we thought she was a Maine Coon, which no doubt she may have some in her because of the father cat. She grew up to be a derpy cat but she’s so loving and she has a squirrel tail. To this day, she loves jumping in the bath tub after we’ve showered. That’s why we decided she may be part Turkish Van someway or another. Her bond was formed with my husband so she mostly seeks him out but when she wants petting, she’s targeting everyone.

Charlie was our first dog. I had always wondered when we would get a canine; cats are sassy and less receptive no matter how much we love them. 😛

Taking Charlie home was one of our most spontaneous decisions yet. It all started one day when we were up in North Florida for my dad’s wedding. As we were helping set up for the wedding the day before, my husband accidentally did the unthinkable. He dropped the unity candle and it broke! Ahhh. Last minute wedding crisis for sure. We ended up running to WalMart, which is really all that there is in that town as I’ve said before. We used to live up there so I remembered they sold puppies on the side of the WalMart. I always loved looking at them because hey, puppies, and most of them were chihuahuas.  The candles were the first things we purchased during this outing. Us getting side-tracked came next and we ended up coming back with the candles, a full belly of Taco Bell, and a new puppy. It was so sweet because we kept the puppy in C’s suit the entire duration of the wedding. He didn’t make a peep but everyone wanted to play with him and love him.

He is a year and a half old, long haired chihuahua. He’s such a sweet little lover and (shh, he’s a mama’s boy for sure.)

The most recent pet we’ve added to the family is Sadie. Within this year, we found another long haired chihuahua but this time a chocolate female. She’s such a lover and everyone falls in love with her. She doesn’t have one mean bone in her chunky body. She’s protective and barks in the outside world, whereas Charlie protects his home.

We drove out of our way into no man’s land to get her. She was the last of her color and so many people wanted her. We’ve fallen in love with her since so we’re so glad we drove that long distance — in the rain — without a GPS. It was storming and my sunroof was leaking steady streams into my backseat. Not to mention the fact that we were sitting in a field, where lightning was striking next to the pole nearby, and our phones died on the way back so we had to guess our way back for two hours until we got home. She had gotten antsy and definitely ended up peeing on me. But you know what? I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Pets are so wonderful and I’m really glad we have each one. We would probably get more if that wasn’t a crazy idea.

“You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.” 
― Paul McCartney

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