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From all of the research I’ve done, I think one of the biggest things I’ve seen on someone’s bucket list is to simply fall in love. It’s crazy how one human being makes a connection with another human being then they claim each other for the taking in this life. There are some bonds you can just never break. Love is an adventure all in its own. Marriage is another concept. A husband and wife are just a couple of people who get each other for a life long commitment, to go along with you and laugh at the little things, and someone to be your partner in life through the good and the bad.

By far, this man is one of my favorite people on the planet. No matter how much we get on each others’ nerves or have faults like any normal couple should, C is my other half. He completes me in every way possible. He helps me in more ways than he knows and I believe we perfectly match each other, being the opposites that we are.

You know that love story, where the good girl falls in love with the bad boy? This is that love story, but with our own personal twist. We’ve gone through everything under the sun in our marriage so far and it has only been three and a half years thus far. We’ve left the darkness to become much stronger and have formed that bond that so many people only dream of forming. Friendship. I can honestly say he’s my best friend. As husband and wife, that’s all you ever wish to achieve: someone to grow old with you and laugh at your jokes.

 “The bonds of matrimony are like any other bonds — they mature slowly. ~Peter De Vries”

The way we met was no Cinderella story but of course it was a magical fairy tale for us full of hope and staring up at the moon under the same sky from four states away. We met one day at a youth group he went to. I tagged along with my best friend who at the time was apart of his friend group at their school. I got stuck on the other side of the tracks so I had to go to a different high school. I remember bleakly the day was also very bleak and rainy. In fact, he called his brother (my now brother in law whom everyone was excited to see) for a change of clothes. I remember him making me sit next to him because he patted the seat next to him; he was wearing light gray skinny jeans. I thought he was the cutest and sweetest person but unfortunately at the time we weren’t going anywhere anytime soon. After a few chapters of his life turned, we got back into contact. By this time he was already in the Navy and we weren’t able to spend anytime together. We ended up talking every night and falling in love slowly. I remember days I just couldn’t wait to get home from my college classes just to talk to him on my 30-minute drives home on the dark highway. We would talk for hours, we would text for hours, we would send each other sweet nothings since we just couldn’t see each other at the time. One night in particular we promised we would be together forever, the moon was the brightest light around, and it was beaming over both of us even though I was in Florida and he was in Virginia. Finally, he took leave for Christmas break and came down. The most wonderful feeling of euphoria and love, just me and him, occurred in that airport that December evening. The world around us spun like in those movies and that is where we had our first kiss, our first hug, our first hand holding. I smiled all the way down the escalators and just wouldn’t stop. I never wanted to let go. Those two weeks were some of the best days we ever had and we knew it would go on forever. I tried things and went to places just within that time frame for the first time. We got married and a few weeks later I would go to join him in Virginia. It was the happiest moment in life. As I’m writing this, we are about to reach our four month anniversary in about three months. I love him with all of my heart, through all the good and the bad, the struggles, the things we had to go through, the choices we’ve made, the adventures we’ve gone on, the family we’ve brought together in the name, our promise to God, our vows to each other, the love still goes on.

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    1. Awww you’re reading!
      Thank you Michelle. I like this one quite a bit, too. 😉
      And thank you for the compliments on my writing. Every time it makes me happy!!

  1. I love this so much. I sobbed happy tears for the love you share. Having known Chay when he was a kid and teen I am beyond proud of the man he became and I am thankful he found a wife as loving and caring as you. ❤

    1. That is really sweet Kristi. Thank you for the kind words. I love him to death but I like that we can admit that even when we want to bite each other’s head off, we always come right back to love when one of us say something stupid to make the other laugh. We try and keeping our relationship fresh with all the things we try is really nice, too. Thank you <3

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