“double. trouble.”

Baby ‘A’, baby ‘B’
Color coded red and Blue
My heart fills double when I think of you.

Twenty tiny fingers and and twenty tiny toes
You wiggle and giggle together
With just one kiss on the nose

Back and forth crying at times, as we only know
Back to back diaper changes, tandem feeding, and a workout when we go

Yet I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Also you could make a fortune when they say

“You have your hands full”, “Double trouble”, and “oh, my, twins?”
They may give stares and cluck about like old hens
But as far as genetics go, ignoring people’s negative comments,
This is surely a win

Yes it may be hard, sometimes you feel so isolated
Not many can offer advice without leaving you feeling berated

But receiving twice the love and twice the kisses,
Seeing both of you smile and look up at me,
It truly erases all the random and unwarranted disses.

I love my little boys so much.

So I figured I’d give everyone a little glimpse into my life with twin identical boys. I should really create a FAQ t-shirt and wear it every time I leave the house. And some of these are the manyyyy things other twin moms are asked. :’D

  1. Yes they’re identical. I had them genetically tested when I was 11-weeks pregnant.
  2. I tell them apart because I spend every second of every day with them. They have totally different personalities, voices, and mannerisms. But yes, I did paint their toes and leave their hospital bracelets on until they almost cut off circulation. (With all that said, I do mix them up still sometimes.)
  3. How do I do it? With so much love and as much patience as I can possibly muster.
  4. Yes, I’m breastfeeding them.
  5. No, they aren’t double trouble, they’re only babies.
  6. They’re 6 minutes apart. Ezra was born first.
  7. I had a vaginal, unmedicated birth, but they were in the NICU for about two weeks. So it wasn’t ‘easy’, like assumed.
  8. No, twins do not run in my family. Somewhere down the line, I’m sure there WERE twins, but no one I was directly related to. My husband’s aunts are fraternal, but my twins are totally and 100% spontaneous. They have nothing to do with genetics, since they are identical (aka, my eggs split and bam. two babies.) Fraternal twins are definitely genetic though. If you have a set, there are higher chances to have another set. If you’re mother, grandmother, anyone is a twin, you have increased chances of having twins. The same as if you’re a fraternal twin.
  9. Yes my hands are full, open a door. PLEASE 🙂
  10. BOY AND GIRL TWINS CANNOT BE IDENTICAL EVER. Well, only in extremely rare cases. There is a syndrome that makes that possible. But one has a penis and one has a vagina. l o l
  11. I can hear all of your whispering… so…. yeah.
  12. Please. do. not. touch. newborns. Singles. Twins. Triplets. Quadruplets. NO babies need to be touched on the mouth or hands everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Especially not by strangers.
  13. Having twins is not like having Irish twins. Given, having them close in age IS HARD TOO (we need to stop saying things like “I have it harder than you and appreciate that ALL parents have it difficult.) but it isn’t the same. I wouldn’t go and say I knew what it was like to have triplets if Z was a little younger. I have no idea what triplet moms go through with three at the SAME time. Leaving one to cry their head off while the other is being taken care of, worrying about favoritism, doing everything but double, carrying double the weight, trying to force your body to produce enough for two, etc.
  14. All rules go out the window with twins. They always keep you on your toes.
  15. Identical twins have different fingerprints.
  16. And no, I don’t mind all the questions. I’m completely fine with it. As long as they’re not screaming or squirming because I’ve been sitting in the aisle for too long trying to grocery shop. L o l then I’m trying to hurry.
  17. It’s not okay to ask another woman how she conceived her baby(ies). Fertility/infertility is none-of-ya-damn-businesszzzz. 😐


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