Bucket List Check – Get a Fish Pedicure

So it’s hurricane season in Florida right now. We’ve been under the grasps of Irma for the past two weeks. Between forecasts, hurricane warnings, and evacuation orders, we’ve been pulled every which way under stress. I live on the tiny peninsula on the whole peninsula of the state of Florida. We are completely surrounded by water. We don’t want to hear about hurricanes coming our way. At one point, we were even supposed to be a welcome mat for the eye of Irma.

Even up to the very minute, the forecasts were back and forth. We weren’t sure of what to expect. As we were preparing, there was a widespread panic. Boards were going up, stocks of food in grocery stores were going down, and we were left scrambling.

I cannot be anymore grateful for the fact that we didn’t get hit as hard as it could have been. We were blessed in that sense. We had a lot of branches down; that’s about the extent of the damage. Trees were down all around us and all the traffic signals were down because of … our huge power outage!

It seemed like the entire state was down. Stores stayed closed for a week; our jobs did not reopen their doors for the same time frame. It was rough. Our home was without power from Sunday night around 11 PM to Friday around 12 PM. That’s a couple days shy of a week. It was unbearable. It could be worse, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard with a baby and coming home to 80 degrees in the darkness.

Toward the end of it, we decided to see if the mall was open to get some AC and charge our phones. We stuck it out for days and figured it was finally time to find somewhere else to go. While we were looking for some seats to lounge, we passed by a fish spa. Whoa, back up. I was shocked. 

I researched every item on my bucket list so I knew where I was going to go when it came time to do it. I had a list of unresolved adventures: ones I was worried I’d never figure out, because there was nothing local. This was one of them. It hasn’t been legal around here in most cases. I was ecstatic. I pretty much ran right back to that spa. I found the cheapest option and sat there for the shortest amount of time they had to offer for my price range. (Being out of work for so long definitely was no grounds for this but since I was feeling pretty down, I figured it was okay. It was certainly a great pick-me-up.)

Fish spas are popular in China and are known for their therapeutic nature. The fish that are used are called doctor fish, or more scientifically, the garra rufa. You place your feet in the tank (after washing and sanitation of your feet) and they bite the dead skin off of your feet. The exfoliation is beneficial. They do not ingest anything and are fed at the end of the night. The establishment I went to was very clean and proper in their practices. 

Basically it tickles. It feels like you’re placing your feet into a bowl of tiny bubbles. Some of the fish really insist on getting in between your toes. At times, I had a cluster of them around my ankles. It was just really interesting and I enjoyed the experience. Z also loved staring into the tanks. She’s an animal lover. They were swimming around happily in a tank illuminated with a bright blue glow. There were stones placed in the bottom for a nice aesthetic touch.

The wonderful lady I had the pleasure of meeting ended my pedicure on the right foot: (ha..), she gave me the most perfect foot rub with their signature lotion. It was smooth and my toes did not go through anything harsh. No scraping, no pulling, no overly hot water; it was all just right.


I still can’t believe one opened up just when I needed it.

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