Bucket list check – Run a color run 

I have been trying to run a color run for three years now. Considering the event always took place on my birthday, I always made other plans. It’s called prioritizing, you know? Most of the time I like to jet away on faraway adventures for my birthday — not sweat my butt off in the middle of the road with colored powder seeping through my clothes and into my eyes.

As I also mentioned in my Zombie run 5k post, we basically pranced around a designated trail in a downpour. The zombie run is kind of eerie in the given circumstance, but a color run? Not so much. We were a bunch of sopping wet people running on a rainbow path. We were all sweating pink, blue, and yellow. Some people had an amazing combination of colors going (where did they buy all that color though?) 

We would have gotten into it more but we had baby Z with us. (Yes she ran –erhm, strolled, her first 5K!) She was even in all white attire like us. She had a blast! I let her get out and walk through the finish line (but she was most certainly not having it considering the rain was now reaching her poor, water colored butt.

I’m starting to think that the people in charge are choosing these dates on purpose. One would think you’d start to catch onto Florida’s weather patterns and not make people run in the wet, cold ish rain. It surely takes the sunshine out of the event.

Nonetheless, it was still fun and I would gladly throw on another tutu and run through clouds of dye for the heck of it.

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