01. 08. 17. Spontaneously Yours, Sunday

01. 08. 17. Spontaneously Yours, Sunday

Hello my lovely petals! | My once-a-week, spontaneously random, “currents” to keep you smiling, crying, cheering, and wanderstruck with me at the end/start of the week, whichever way you look at it! I try to reflect on the week and keep you up to date with this chick even when … “I’m not on an adventure”, but quite frankly : these little things add up, every day life is an adventure, and here I want to share it with you.

So here is the first SYS post of the year. I’m going to be short and sweet with this post. I’ll be honest, I’m feeling a bit hopeless at this moment. It will be fleeting so I’ll patiently wait until the sadness dissipates.

In the meantime, I’ll occupy myself with my favorite thing- planning trips.

| Watching |

☼ Amelie
I have fallen in love with this French film. It’s so dazzling and makes me want to book a flight in an instant.

☼ Hercules
Hulu has gifted me with the exciting viewing of a select few Disney movies. One in particular is Hercules which is one of my childhood favorites.

Listening to /

My husband and I generally have completely opposite tastes in music. I like indie and hardcore music. He likes ska and reggae music. Sometimes we find a musical common ground and a particular song or artist strikes a note with us. Over the weekend, we were driving and I was feeling down, until this song comes on. Instantly, I pepped up. Give it a listen! I felt hopeful and mentally pictured it as the song that would play on the soundtrack of our life movie. I imagined it during the part where things start turning around and we get our fresh start, just us and our baby girl.

Munching on // 

Our foodie Friday adventure was an attempt to cheer me up after a long and stressful week. We went to a place called Smashburger. I got a spinach and goat cheese burger with buffalo flavored fries. The food is fresh, delicious, and starts as a ball of ground beef.

Mine came with cucumbers, spinach, goat cheese, tomato, onion & balsamic vinaigrette.

C got the Buffalo and blue cheese burger and sweet potato fries. The Buffalo sauce they use is Frank’s Red Hot and I could probably drink the stuff. We usually get different items on the menu if we can’t decide and then share each other’s to get the full experience.

Highlights / Some good things this week / the little things

I realized New Year’s/Eve is one of my favorite holidays. Collectively, the two days mean reflection and the turn of a blank page to me. Confetti was also a big part of the night. (I’m still finding it in the house and in my hair.)

Me and Z wore matching bracelets most of the week. It made me smile daily. I took them off though because she kept putting it in her mouth and the metal was tarnishing.

We also went on a solo Starbucks dates and I really enjoyed it. I was recommended a delicious iced coffee by the barista and tried a new food item. Z and I split the Thai style peanut chicken wrap and a cranberry orange scone. Both were great choices. What I really mean is that she threw pieces on the ground and offered me her grapes.

Our year started with peanut butter cookies and lots of snuggling.

She took her first steps on New Year’s Eve and she just learned to wave bye bye yesterday. She repeats our actions now and I swear that now along with “mama” and “dada”, she can now say her name. I love watching her grow and being her mother.

We decluttered our house and removed nearly seven bags full of possessions to be donated and trash. It felt so refreshing and beneficial to do so.

We attended a baby shower to celebrate my life twin and a wonderful person & the soon to be Moon baby. (Her parents are just really cool.) I won the belly size guessing game so I picked out a pretty sweet crystal growing kit. I’ll follow up with that. I’m just over the moon with excitement for them. They are the alternate reality versions of me and my husband. Her due date and pregnancy are even on point with what mine was. So I’m guessing our daughters will be on the same wave length as well.

Some not so good things this week / 

I’m not going to get into much detail but I learned a lot this week. I learned a lot about myself and about the relationships in my life. I’m hurt, confused, and feel just plain useless. I know that’s not the case but I can’t help how I feel right now. Family, friends, you just don’t always know I guess.

I slipped on a hanger and fell right on my tailbone. I have been in the utmost pain for a week now. I was holding my child which scared me even further. I couldn’t move initially so all I could do was scream and cry on the floor. It is painful to sit, bend, roll over, and move in general. It has been bruised since as well.

I received undesirable news at my pet’s appointment so now I will be taking many preventive measures to keep my fur baby healthy. That’s one more thing to worry about.

I also almost got into a car accident and it spiked my anxiety massively. These people weren’t even paying attention and I was petrified.

Pretty things I’ve come across this week //  *not my photo

I am obsessed with this tattoo.

Sincerely, S. ☮

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