Twenty. Seventeen. Goodbye negativity.

As everyone else is anticipating, the new year is approaching whether we are ready for it or not. I, for one, am very enthusiastic for the prospect of a new year. It means new opportunities and new beginnings.

With that thought in mind, I must get all of the frustrations and pet peeves from last year out. Here I will leave it and here it will stay.

Let me also add a disclaimer before the emails start piling in. * No, this is not directed towards you. * I hate to be the “if the shoe fits” kind of gal, but please. If you see that there is room for improvement, please adjust accordingly. I’m mostly joking, but here’s to your daily dose of sarcasm! Trust me, you won’t need anymore after you’re done reading this.

  1. Use your blinker. Don’t cut people off. Don’t speed around people like an idiot. But don’t drive 20 miles per hour. Move up. Pay attention. Okay, anything that pertains to driving could go here. I am especially angry with traffic these days!!! Florida has some class A awful drivers sure, especially now that the snow birds have flocked to palm trees for sanity. But if it weren’t for the fact that I had kids in the car 90% of the time, my vocabulary would be quite colorful.
  2. Don’t be a know-it-all. For the love of God, we all have different experience with nearly everything in life— you do not know the answer just because you have more experience. Raising children, driving, school, bills, home life, family, W H A T E V E R. You do not know everything.
  3. Just because a baby has a fever, DOES NOT mean it is simply “teething”. Yes it is very plausible 95% of the time. Yes, but the baby can also be sick and yes, it is OKAY to be extra cautious with the baby, whether it is teething or not. Let the mom be a mom.
  4. Don’t say how much you want to see someone’s kid and then never make the effort to visit. There’s only one me opposed to the many who want to see the baby. It’s harder for me to drive to everyone than it is for people to come to me. I understand others can’t always come to me but trust me. When there’s more you, than me, and you already said you’d spoil her when I was pregnant — but never came? It really shows that actions speak louder than words.
  5. Don’t make ‘demeaning’ comments about other people’s kids. It’s not funny or cute to joke about how someone’s kids never stops crying or doesn’t let you get away, or is always sick. Just stop. You don’t know how your kids act when you’re not around and in fact do the same thing. Kids (especially babies) go through their many developmental leaps and are typically clingier in stages. When they’re sick, need comfort, having a hard time, that’s all they know- to seek comfort. Sometimes they can last days, weeks, or months. Especially breastfed babies. Don’t comment about how attached a baby is. You have no idea what they mom is going through or how stressed she is. Or maybe you do and just like to make dumb comments anyway.
  6. Different does.not. equal wrong. Breastfed vs formula. Natural vs. medicated birth. Disposable vs cloth. Vaccines vs no vaccines. Cosleeping until 1 year old vs crib sleeping within the first month. Schedules vs no schedules. Organic baby food vs table food. Who gives a crap. The kid is happy, the parent is doing their best, this shit isn’t easy. Let them be and don’t you dare make anyone feel bad/guilty for their choices.
  7. Do not give unsolicited marriage advice if you are not married or have never been married. Do not give unsolicited advice on pregnancy or children, if you’ve never had kids or been pregnant. Do not try to compare your experience in being a new step mom to an older child to that of a struggling new parent with a newborn.Both are difficult situations but do not say you understand the struggles that come with having a child.
  8. Naturally selfish people… they should just go here.
  9. Naturally copy-cat personality people. Either credit someone or ask them if they’re okay with you using their idea. Plagiarism is not cute.
  10. People who give their kids e v e r y t h i n g they pitch a fit for. And literally never say no. So when someone else says no, it is a shock to them.
  11. When you say you’re going to do something, do it. When you show no intention of doing so, it’s awful and makes you look selfish and unmotivated.
  12. When someone holds a grudge for many years over something someone has apologized for. It’s called forgiveness. It’s even worse when you forgive someone who had treated you MUCH worse and then leave the other part of your family to die. You are basically deciding to never meet your niece/nephew/grandchild and it is childish. The only one hurting is the child.
  13. Making snide, disrespectful comments about people behind their back just because you don’t like them. Especially when you’re talking crap to someone’s husband or wife about their counterpart. Like do you really think they’re not going to tell the other one?
  14. Ungrateful people.
  15. People with no motivation.
  16. When some expect everything to be handed to them or just suck the fat from mom, dad, grandma, whoever. People who don’t work for what they have.
  17. People who display pure favoritism to family members.
  18. Bill collectors that call past 6 PM or on weekends when you’re with family.
  19. People who panic on social media. Like calm down with that hysteria BS and only panic if necessary.
  20. People who don’t read the article or check the sources before spreading it. I am skeptical of everything. I often wish others were too.
  21. People who carelessly bring a sick kid around yours and don’t even tell you. I don’t mind being around them or taking care of them, just let me know.. so extra precautions can be taken.
  22. People who ignore you on social levels but use you when they need it. No I do not want to be your last minute babysitter just because everyone else is unavailable. If you don’t try to make an effort on a friendly level, or even acknowledge my existence, I will not be your last resort. (this goes for friends, not clients.) I do not want to feel used. Forget to invite me to all your important events but expect me to babysit for your date night because your friends can’t, nah.
  23. People who ignore their children or make no effort with them. Then make off-color comments about them.
  24. Giving excuses nearly every time someone invites you somewhere. Every time. A new excuse. Just say “no I don’t want to hang out with you.”
  25. People who don’t talk to you or interact with you on social media, but then lash out on you for cleaning out their friends list. Facebook isn’t real life. There are plenty of people that I admire that aren’t on my friends list. I don’t hate or dislike you just because we aren’t Facebook friends.
  26. People who are snobby about their travels.
  27. Hosts of pity parties.
  28. Overly political/opinionated people who judge others for their opinions. Or purposely try to get a rise out of others.
  29. People who make zero effort to reciprocate friendship.
  30. People who think it is okay to touch you or your baby in public, without even knowing you.
  31. Consistent bragging.
  32. And lastly, assuming. Don’t assume. Ever. Ask people before assuming.

By doing this, I plan on leaving negativity in 2016 and going into 2017 with a new, fresh mindset. I plan on try differently with relationships, I plan on having a more positive outlook, and I plan on going on more adventures. I plan on bettering myself – physically and mentally. This Christmas showed me that people aren’t going to be there for you despite how much effort you put into them. So it is time to move on and put more energy into those who put effort into you.

Basically I am someone with the biggest heart until you hurt my feelings or I feel used. Or unimportant. Meh, I don’t want to spend too much time on this. I’m going to start working on my 2016 wrap up post.

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