January Wrap-Up and Progress Check

January Wrap-Up and Progress Check

Why does it seem like time passes much quicker when you have a child? As I am writing this monthly wrap-up, I must state that my baby will be a year old in just a few short weeks. February 2016 is when my entire life changed for the better. Now here we are and all the memories of that day come flooding back in the form of happy tears.

Let’s reflect on the first month of the year, shall we?

I cannot say that the year started with the best foot forward but I can say that I tried my best. That’s what matters in the end though. My main focus has improved my life for the sake of myself, my daughter, and my husband. I also had enough and could not continue on the same self-destructive path of before. In an attempt to become a better me, I:

  • joined a gym. My YMCA membership officially started. In the first week, I went four days in a row and exercised for an hour straight. I used two different machines and learned my strengths. I pushed myself and burned many calories.
  • scheduled adventures and booked concert tickets. We even signed up for a 5K.
  • sought help for my anxiety and postpartum depression. There is no shame in getting help and I’m glad I did.
  • outlined my goals in this dream board. I will focus all of my energy on becoming debt free, traveling more, and becoming healthier this year.

  • got my hair cut and dyed it half red, half blonde. It’s one of the coolest combinations I’ve come up with yet.

I also created a savings jar for all loose change and any single dollar bills I receive. It is the travel fund and I can’t wait to add it up at the end of each month.

My daughter is:

  • now walking and like a champ I might add.
  • speaking new words and sounds every day.
  • eating some things without any help and drinking water on her own.

For my friends, I have:

  • attended an engagement party to celebrate my friends A and J who will be married in the upcoming years.
  • attended a wedding of my dear friend J and her husband A. (Same initials!)
  • attended a baby shower for my life twin S and her boyfriend L. Baby O will be here any day now!

The adventures have brought us to:

  • a candy shop around the corner where we met the creator of the Jelly Belly.

  • a delicious foodie adventure at Craft Kitchen Drinks and Kitchen where the people obsessed over our child. They kept coming by and even gave her a complimentary plate of fries before they took our order. Many waitresses would come by just to see her and it was delightful seeing so many people gush over her. 
  • a solo Olive Garden and Starbucks date with my daughter.
  • and I got a Brazilian wax from the bucket list that I wrote about!

Progress Check 

Upon dedicating some time at the gym and making better eating choices, I weighed myself after a month had passed. Since I didn’t fully commit, there weren’t any shocking results. I wasn’t able to get the gym membership until well into the month. I was satisfied with the results regardless. From the original 5 lbs I lost, I added 2 lbs more to my list. I think 9 lbs lost is a good start for me.

Savings jar
After contributing only single dollar bills and all change to our jar for a month, we counted it and it was $60!!! That’s amazing to me. I think it’s a fantastic idea for people who make tip money or deal with cash. You never realize how much it adds up.

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