Foodie Fridays | British grub & New York diners

Foodie Fridays | British grub & New York diners

*  disclaimer, I know it is not Friday. Trust me. My website might as well be Flowers and Procrastination. 

Cricketers British Pub and Restaurant – Dunedin, FL


Once upon a Thursday night, we took a spontaneous drive to Dunedin (Florida), one of my most favorite cities in central Florida, to grub on some delicious British food. Although, I will admit, we almost did not go inside because I had a mini breakdown about bringing a baby into a bar. (Have you not seen Sweet Home Alabama? That’s my point exactly.) Turns out, it wasn’t that kind of “bar” even though it was literally called “Cricketers British Pub and Restaurant”. The very first table we walked past had a giggling child so my over-worrisome mind was put to ease. People were drinking their cold brews and being merry nonetheless.

The host and waitress deliberated where to seat us because we had our sweet infant, and ultimately placed us in a booth that was elevated above the rest of the restaurant and absent of any other patrons. The reason? Because she also had a child at home, empathized with me, and thought that a booth would be useful if the baby wanted to sleep.

That’s a joke and a half.

She wanted to grab everything within possible reach of her t-rex arms (runs in the family, we all have short arms, thanks mom.) She’s going through a growth spurt or a fussy stage according to a baby app I have on my phone that tracks developmental leaps. My a-week-ago-always-smiling-happy-baby turned if-you-don’t-stop-what-you’re-doing-right-now-I’ll-unleash-the-baby-force-on-you, mom, would not stop reaching for plates of food and the like.

She’s still sweet and smiles at all the passerbys though.

The restaurant was much bigger on the inside and very clean. It was actually pretty nice; it was definitely a place you’d want to go on a Friday night to have a few beers and laughs with your companions. They also had free bar games you could play.

Anyway, to the food-

My weakness is appetizer sampler platters. I get one at every place we go. I don’t kid. Ask my husband. Then it takes some time to convince him that no, I’m not going to fill up and then not eat my main course. Usually he’s right unfortunately for me. The sampler platter came with portobello fingers, bangers in batter, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, and potato boats with three dipping sauces of your choice. All but the bangers were all your typical appetizers. They are deep-fried sausages.

For the main course I ordered corned beef and cabbage; C got fish and chips. I guess I found out today that corned beef isn’t exactly my favorite dish. I always heard of it before and saw pictures but thought I probably wouldn’t like it. I can eat pretty much anything but I figured I’d give it a shot and confirmed my dislike. It was prepared very well though and I would have loved it if my taste buds hadn’t disagreed. It was prepared with carrots and potatoes. I ended up eating half of C’s fish and chips (which was amazing and I’m not big on fish) and he ate the other half of mine. And honestly, that’s one of my favorite aspects about our marriage. LOL.

Papa’s New York Diner – Clearwater, FL


We decided to stop into a 24-hour diner that we frequently pass on our commutes. It was an ordinary ol’ diner with good food. Our baby actually sat in a high chair for the first time so it was is place we were able to share a momentous memory with.

I ordered one of their most popular dishes – the philly cheesesteak and wrapped the meal up with a cheesecake for dessert. My husband literally always orders breakfast when given the opportunity so that’s what he did. The service was great and the diner was cute with its neon signs and checkered floors. It’s definitely a place you want to find yourself on an early road trip when you haven’t gotten any sleep yet or just need a late-night or early-morning pick-me-up.

The best part was being able to watch the beautiful Clearwater sunset through the glass windows on the opposite side of the restaurant.

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