Spontaneously Yours, Sunday

Spontaneously Yours, Sunday

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Hello my lovely petals! | My once-a-week, spontaneously random, “currents” to keep you smiling, crying, cheering, and wanderstruck with me at the end/start of the week, whichever way you look at it! I try to reflect on the week and keep you up to date with this chick even when … “I’m not on an adventure”, but quite frankly : these little things add up, every day life is an adventure, and here I want to share it with you.

I’m really excited fall is approaching us. Who doesn’t enjoy a lower electric bill? Mine exceeded my car payment in July! I can’t say I’m the most stoked about how hot Florida summers get but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Plus you have the holidays which are my favorite and the weather turns me into a boots-and-cute-sweaters-with-an-iced-coffee-in-the-other-hand robot.

Today is a somber yet hopeful day. As it is September 11th, we remember all the lives lost. I visited the memorial last year during our weekend trip to New York City and I couldn’t describe the overpowering feeling I felt at this place of remembrance. It was somber. People gathered. There was love and sadness lurking around each name engraved among the stone. It had just finished raining so raindrops scattered around each letter. I graced my finger across the names of people’s mothers and fathers, their sisters and brothers, the heroes. It’s also my brother’s birthday, so it has to be hopeful.

| Watching |

☼ New Girl 
We finally caught up to Season 5. Once it hits Netflix, it’s so on!
I love this show. I feel like they are my friends and I miss them now.
Also, I’m totally Jessica Day and my husband is totally Nick Miller, almost to a T.

☼ Once Upon A Time
It is taking me forever to catch up but soon, soon.
I’m in the middle of season 3 and I am in awe of the characters as usual.

☼ Lots and lots of kids shows. 
I swear I’ve watched Tarzan and Lilo and Stitch at least four times within the past two weeks.
I’m starting to recite them. When it comes to babysitting, once you’ve done all the activities for the day, you just have to sit back and watch the same movie that we watched yesterday or an hour ago.

☼ Pretty Little Liars
Let’s talk about huge cliff hanger at the end of the mid-season finale.
They’ve finally announced that the series will be ending after this half and sadly, I am happy about this.
I just want to see the end and put the puzzle together once and for all.
I’m also waiting to see if Spencer and Toby get back together, because let’s face it, they’re the best couple.

Listening to.. //

Bad Vibrations
As mentioned below, A Day to Remember released their new album Bad Vibrations and I have it on repeat.
I will say it isn’t like their old records. It is good but definitely not better.
As always though, I love the new album and them just the same.

Checks on the bucket list |

None right now! I’ll return to our weekly checks as soon as possible.

Munching on // 

Here’s my weekly foodie post.  We had some traditional, spiced Indian food and an entire batch of mini doughnuts. In addition to these, we tried Arby’s new buffalo chicken sandwich because I’m obsessed with buffalo everything. It was good but kind of spicy!

And too much iced coffee! I seriously can’t stop! I have a problem.

Making me Smile & Family matters |

Everything. Okay, truthfully, I haven’t been writing everything down this week. This is the first SYS post I’ve done in months. I’ll get back into the full swing of everything shortly.

My baby is getting bigger by the day. She’s almost crawling. She has to get the last step down and she’ll be on the go. She pulls herself up on everything though.

We have been getting together with our best friends and playing board games on Friday and Saturday nights. Sometimes that’s the best kind of therapy. Our favorites are Munchkin and Taboo. Some of us get real competitive.

Kids say the darndest things // 

I dropped a pumpkin seed down my shirt and went to get it out.

5 year old: “What are you doing?”
Me: “I dropped the pumpkin seed. Do you like them?”
5 year old: “Yeah I don’t have boobs yet. I’m not a big girl. I’m a little kid.”
Me: Face palm.* “No, silly, I meant the pumpkin seeds.”

5 year old: “Nana doesn’t like black. She says it’s not even a color. Nana is wrong.” – in regards to her black polka dotted dress.

Some good things this week |

I made a new friend! Who also blogs! Double win.

Our pictures came back from my daughter’s 6 month photoshoot and they are AMAZING. My daughter is not a morning baby so she wasn’t as smiley as she usually but c’est la vie. Next time instead of 10 A.M., I’ll make sure it is after 2 P.M. What can I say? She takes after her mother.

My favorite band A Day to Remember released a new album Bad Vibrations and it is on fire. I almost had a mini breakdown because I couldn’t figure out a way to listen to it when I wasn’t in the car. I definitely don’t own a CD player anymore so…
Thankfully we recently bought a Playstation 2 and it worked through that. Who knew they wouldn’t play on Playstation 4s?

I have life trading cards, AKA my Polaroid photos, that I’ve been capturing very important memories of lately. My collection is growing and I’m excited. Even more so, I discovered they have more than just the two types of film (classic white and rainbow) than I’ve been using. Soon a shiny pack of Alice in Wonderland will be MINE.

Some not so good things this week / 

I got sick at the same time as my husband and daughter who was also teething. 

Hurricane Hermine gave us days of rain and we weren’t able to do much! There was water everywhere and it was scary to deal with alone at home for the hours my husband was at work. We had opposite schedules temporarily.

It’s the LITTLE things ||

As we were going through the Chic Fil A drive through, we discovered the van in front of us had Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on the portable DVD player. This was the day after we found out Gene had passed. <3

I have been obsessively crafting collages for the past week. I’m not joking. Who buys almost thirty dollars of magazines to shred and cut. A 6-year old maybe. But a grown ass adult? Okay maybe I’ve been having a lot of fun with it and am going to paste them into a book. At least I wasn’t putting Elmer’s glue on my hand just to peel them off…. well, actual conversation that happened with my husband last night.
“You’re 23 years old, (insert full name here). Not 8, sitting in Mrs. So&So’s class.” ….okay maybe I did.

These are the only three that are completely done. I’ve started the book and I’m halfway through it. If you can’t tell, the middle one is very Flowers and Wanderlust-esque.
(first: pretty things, second: floral, third: rainbow of random)

Pretty things I’ve come across this week //  *not my photos

fb_img_1473528206785.jpg fb_img_1472926805967.jpg

Sincerely, S. ☮

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