Bucket list check – Take a boat ride 

I could not imagine a more perfect day to take a boat ride in the Bay. Lucky me, I found this awesome venue through a fellow blogger on Instagram. Instead of having to deal with classes, licenses, and rentals, we went through a place that offered “e-boats” for an allotted time. How much more simple can it get?!

You still received the entire package of spending an evening on the water. My brother and sister in law joined us in this excursion because like us, they could live on the ocean. We split costs and spent two hours in the breeze and under a blue sky. It was baby Z’s first boat ride and she looked like a marshmallow in her life vest.

We were able to bring a boatload of whatever snacks we wanted (l-o-l) and could even play our music through the speakers on the boat. We went off in search of dolphins and although, we did not have any luck, we were able to scope out the entire bay from each direction.

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