Bucket list check – Run a color run 

I have been trying to run a color run for three years now. Considering the event always took place on my birthday, I always made other plans. It’s called prioritizing, you know? Most of the time I like to jet away on faraway adventures for my birthday — not sweat my butt off in the middle of the road with colored powder seeping through my clothes and into my eyes.

As I also mentioned in my Zombie run 5k post, we basically pranced around a designated trail in a downpour. The zombie run is kind of eerie in the given circumstance, but a color run? Not so much. We were a bunch of sopping wet people running on a rainbow path. We were all sweating pink, blue, and yellow. Some people had an amazing combination of colors going (where did they buy all that color though?) 

We would have gotten into it more but we had baby Z with us. (Yes she ran –erhm, strolled, her first 5K!) She was even in all white attire like us. She had a blast! I let her get out and walk through the finish line (but she was most certainly not having it considering the rain was now reaching her poor, water colored butt.

I’m starting to think that the people in charge are choosing these dates on purpose. One would think you’d start to catch onto Florida’s weather patterns and not make people run in the wet, cold ish rain. It surely takes the sunshine out of the event.

Nonetheless, it was still fun and I would gladly throw on another tutu and run through clouds of dye for the heck of it.

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Bucket list check | 219. Go to a shooting range

I found a Groupon for a local shooting range which split the expected cost in half. I had to snag it before the deal expired and that we did. Turns out it was a gun range I used to pass by all the time growing up. I even used to go to the pet store across the street often. It clicked about five minutes before we got there that this was the gun range I saw go into business as a young girl.


We strolled into Family Firearms on a nice Sunday afternoon despite knowing whether or not hubby would have fun. He is all about peace, so guns and peace don’t really coincide. I, on the other hand, was terrified. I was scared of guns and have always tried to stay away from them. I had no experience with anything more than a BB gun but obviously my husband training in the military, so it was nothing new to him. It actually came back to him while he was there.


We were welcomed with the utmost friendliness by Frank. He made us laugh and gave us the best information for our first time at the range. He was definitely a cool dude. I think he made 50% of the entire experience because I felt comfortable and like it’d be okay, even if I was afraid. After he explained safety and showed me how to use the gun, we set off into our lane, and I had a bit more confidence.


I made the mistake of putting on the ear phones when we got inside the doors, rather than before we made it in there. I can’t even begin to tell you how loud it was and how badly it hurt my ears. You have to learn somehow right? It was a good environment because for some reason, I felt like I was getting the same pep talk the girl a few rows down was getting from presumably her father. He was stern with her and taught her everything she needed to know, as if to build up her self-defense. I liked that.


We loaded our 22 Ruger and began shooting at targets. I knew there would be power behind the gun but I was so shaky that I kept fumbling and the first shot put out more power than I expected. This is why I wanted to go to the gun range. Before I work on target and aiming, I want to be comfortable with holding it and shooting, just in case.


Back to what I said about my husband and peace earlier: it came down to the moment we ran out of the ammo included within the Groupon. He asked if we should get more and I didn’t know. He went to find out the cost and ended up bringing them back and saying “WE’RE DOING IT” with the biggest smile on his face, he was so sure of himself. It made me smile because he was so cute about it. He was definitely having fun and I was definitely becoming more comfortable with it.

wpid-img_2015042054526.jpg wpid-img_2015042028636.jpg

He hit the target more than I did. In fact, I thought I did so well, only to move the target forward and see that I missed…so…badly. I managed to get the side, the blank space, haha! And maybe an arm shot. Like I said, I was more concerned with shooting and holding the gun, than getting a bulls-eye. I started getting distracted and a little nervous because some guys with some really big guns came in. Shells were flying everywhere!


By the time we went through all our rounds, I was shooting and loading like a pro – a slow pro but definitely more confident. We would have stayed longer but we had a busy day ahead of us. We had fun and I wouldn’t mind going back. If we do, we’ll definitely be going back to Family Firearms because it was so worth the drive from where we are. The prices are great, the staff is friendly, and it is definitely a place you can feel comfortable for your first time.


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Bucket List Check | 210. Go to a Baseball Game

Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd ♪♫♪


Once I noticed baseball season started up again, I knew it was time to find some tickets and head to Tropicana Field. I’ve never been much of a sports fan so I wasn’t looking for the most expensive tickets in the stadium. We bought the cheapest tickets available and on a weeknight no less.


It turned out to be a good idea though because we had amazing seats. The woman directing people at the map even said so. She told us a lot of action happens in the section we were seated. This already set us up for a good time.


This game was the Tampa Bay Rays against the Baltimore Orioles.


We had plenty of time to kill before the game started so we meandered around the large stadium exploring all there was to offer. Little did I know there was a Rays touch tank. I’ve pet stingrays before at the zoo and at the Aquarium but I was excited none the less. We received the whole “only pet the wing” and “only with two fingers” safety spiel then we were on our way.

wpid-img_20150409386.jpg wpid-img_2015040931222.jpg

The part I liked most was that they were offering to feed the stingrays for a small fee of five dollars. I didn’t think anything of it until I learned it was fish, instead of pellets. That means they would be eating directly from your hands. I was so excited!


The fund went to the Rays fund and to the Aquarium as well. I also found this fact exciting because the Aquarium partnered up with the Rays to have this tank. I love the aquarium and all sea life!

A candid splash from a stingray friend. 😉

Well I sure as heck got my tray of fish and held them in an upright position for the rays to grace over my hand. Some splashed, some went the wrong way on my arm and freaked me out, and some crowded around when they learned I had food. There was a stingray party in my corner. It was delightful. I felt the brush of bristles lightly suction cup my hand for tiny, silver fish.


We then headed to our section. We were on the third row to the bottom directly under the jumbotron. We had to turn around to see the big screen but I don’t think I ended up on the bright screen this time. I did see one of my friends from middle school though.


My husband and I were getting more entertainment and a snicker than those around us because of another small-world instance in which I will not get into details right now.


We sat there and watched the game for about three hours with all kinds of nice things in between. Between the jokes we made together, the Pepsi and water bottle races in which the Aquafina bottle face planted, and the $11.00 craft beer my love enjoyed, we had a great time.

He found his craft beer so he was happy.


He was actually teaching me a few things about how the game was played; I started understanding more in the seventh inning, even though I already knew the basics of baseball.


The mascots were hilarious. First of all, DJ kitty was adorable, and secondly Raymond, the mascot for the TB Rays, was hilarious. It took me forever to figure out what he actually is and apparently I’m not the only one. Here’s a tidbit of background on the mascot.



In early 1998, Rays scouts on a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico spotted a strange looking animal. The creature, apparently drawn to the boat by the smell of hotdogs on the hibachi, climbed aboard and soon won the scouts over with his silly antics. During the excitement, a scout had a brilliant idea: make this fun loving fuzz ball the mascot for the new baseball team. “Raymond” as the scouts dubbed him, immediately accepted their contract offer of all the hotdogs he could eat, all the high fives he could handle, and the ability to shake his groove thing to countless Tampa Bay fans.

Raymond’s animal-like appearance causes confusion among fans of all ages. His fuzzy face is similar to a walrus and his bulbous blue belly likens him to a mutant manatee. So what exactly is he?

In 2005 marine biologists and zoologists made a startling discovery; Raymond is actually a previously undiscovered species of dog known as “Canus Manta Whatthefluffalus” or in layman’s terms, a Seadog. Seadogs have all the traits of normal dogs. They enjoy going for walks, playing with kids, and fetching. Unlike other dogs they are five to six feet tall, walk upright, are blue in color, and chase catfish. While other dogs live on land, Seadogs usually live in or around the water. Seadogs are well known for their fun-loving nature, passion for baseball, and general good looks.  — Source: Official Bio, Rays Official Mascot Bio


The woman was right. We did see some action and I swear we almost got a ball. He slid into the wall under us to get it so no ball for us. It was still a great experience. Oh and one more thing! We won! 2 to 0. The crowds went wild and it was awesome.


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Bucket List Check | 211. Run in a Zombie Run

We wrapped February up with a bang. Literally. Kind of. Well, we didn’t have any guns because that would be a) stupid, b) illegal, but you get the point. After many moments of re-convincing myself to even carry on our plans to run this 5k, I finally decided it would be a good thing and not to chicken out. Zombies smell fear.


This was my first 5k ever so I didn’t know what to expect. I’m also not a great runner and I had big plans to train with hubbs since we registered a month ahead of time. Well one week turned into four weeks later, and we never actually got to train. In fact we did the total opposite. After a few discussions of attaching leashes to my husband and letting him pull me if I got tired, I decided to just go for it.

DSC_0101 DSC_0103 DSC_0105

This is also the first adventure we got to fully use the GoPro in water and through motion. I am very pleased with how well this bad boy works. Next time I’ll try that trick to keep rain drops from the lens. I apologize in advance for some of the spots with water.

gopr0454 GOPR0453

We got there and received our t-shirts, bibs, and lined up behind the starting line. My nerves really kicked in at this point. We started jogging and watched for the zombies. Then we started hitting patches that had zombies waiting to grab your flag which were also your life. If they captured all three, you would die. At one point I lost two, sadly within the first mile, but every so often there were recharging stations that you could get water and more flags.

GOPR0476 GOPR0473

We went out there as #2359 and #2360 with guns a blazin’. We mostly walked but like I said, no training, and being our first one, this was okay. We finished it in the end and that’s all I was excited about. We really got our running out obviously when the zombies tried to approach us. Since my dear husband is so much faster than I am, he took off in sprints when we entered danger zones. We stuck together the entire time which I’m so thankful for. He also served as a deterrent for me since he was more of a challenge. I had maneuvers but he had speed. One even went way past his zone to chase him because he was so fast. All for a little girl to grab it around the corner.

The zombies were dressed well and their make-up was on point. We saw two sheriffs due to the obvious Walking Dead reference, a few ring leaders, and a few others. I always have this fear of the apocalypse because unlike the rest of the world with their zombie obsession, they kind of freak me out. That was what I feared most. Luckily there weren’t any that I would be especially irrationally afraid of.

My husband on the other hand has an awful bout of clown phobia. To say there was an amazing clown zombie that came out of nowhere and scared him is an understatement. (This clown zombie actually went on to win the best dressed zombie award they held at the end.)

GOPR0481 GOPR0479

There was mud EVERYWHERE. It was hard to get through at times because it was deep and slippery. Thankfully the zombies were moved away from these intensely muddy areas or else I’m sure I would have face planted in the mud a few times. Actually, some did. I’m glad it didn’t start really raining until we were closer to finishing. Running from zombies in the rain comes with an increased level of difficulty for those who are visually impaired. Seriously I ended up running blindly without my glasses on during some parts because I just couldn’t see with them on. Neither of us could really see. It’s like trying to drive without windshield wipers in a good ol’ Florida downpour. It doesn’t happen.

It really wasn’t that bad. Minus the fact that the rain was torrential toward the end, we made it out alive! We have these shiny new medals to show for it and I’m excited to start actually training for the next one toward the end of the year (my birthday-ish). We will be so much more prepared and ready for some sunshine this time. Color Run, here we come!

wpid-img_201502289222.jpg GOPR0459

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Bucket List Check | Paintballing in a Real Paintball Field

If you’re thinking what I was initially thinking, then you would be asking why in the world I would want to jump in the middle of a field to get pelted with tiny balls full of paint. I’m not going to pretend like I wasn’t nervous at first. I had only ever gone with two people in a small patch of woods when I was younger and I overdressed for the occasion. I probably wore four layers of shirts and a hoodie and Tripp pants (which is probably its greatest function). We didn’t have many paintballs and I’m pretty sure they were going easy on me.

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Bucket List Check | Learn To Fish, Catch Fish, Prepare Fish

Our first fishing escapade started one evening after work. We went to the pier to rent a pole and bait because we just didn’t know where else to start. It was our first time fishing alone together. Neither of us have gone fishing since when we were younger. We didn’t catch anything, the wind blew so much to the point that it was freezing, and we managed to completely tangle two different rods. We felt awful bringing the pole back to the guy in such a mess but what could we say? We couldn’t have very well ditched the poles off of the pier, now could we? The answer here is an easy one people. We had no idea what we were doing and it was obvious.

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Bucket List Check | Cosmic Bowling

One night we decided to go to the bowling alley. The cosmic bowling prices were great and this was a small place so there weren’t too many people. It isn’t like I’ve never gone cosmic bowling before though. I accidentally went once with my husband for his 22nd birthday or so. That was a whole different story but I’ll never forget that night despite losing the photos.

We stayed for about two or three hours just playing back to back games. Of course I lost because for some reason I am achingly bad at bowling. The score was astronomical. I came in last place and C came in first place, probably for each game at that.

Regardless of the scores and the perverted names we put on our screens, we still had a pretty good night. The best part was probably the fact that M won the random raffle they were having. We got a whole free large pizza and definitely indulged for the night.

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