Bucket list check | 185. Go to a Blue Man Group Show


Maybe I’m cheating a little because I saw the show once before in 2010 with my parents. Coincidentally it was my going away trip with my parents before I moved in with my now husband. This time we shared the experience together and an added bonus of a revamped show.

Mom, Blue Man, and me (2)

(Circa 2010 with my mama!)

The show is a must-see for anyone. They mix elements of music, dancing, humor, and special effects. I don’t want to give away too much of the hour and a half of blue extraordinaire, but I can give a mere sneak peek of my favorite skit.

wpid-img_20150927_184909127.jpg wpid-img_20150927_205014762_hdr.jpg

The Blue Men have a skit in which they feature intense anatomical acts such as the way the eyes work. With these elements and the mixture of flashing lights, it makes for a truly hypnotizing performance.


So if you want to see the three blue amigos show what they got and bang on drums slathered in paint, you must visit the famous Blue Men! Not to mention, you get to be a part of an epic dance party at the end. I won’t give away what happens though. That’s the fun about it. 😉


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Bucket list check | 168. See a classical show

Be still my heart!


Seeing the Florida Orchestra play made my heart happy because I used to be in an orchestra myself. Given, it wasn’t anything more than the school orchestra, but you really do feel like you’re apart of something bigger. I often miss playing the violin because it was almost as if it were an art. I was first chair, second section for almost my entire time in middle school. Then I managed to pass it down to my little brother and he still plays.

Anyway, the Florida Orchestra played a two-hour show at Ruth Eckerd Hall. I actually somehow managed to lead us to the wrong theater so we were ten minutes late and had to wait for a break in the music to sit down in our seats. I don’t know why I thought it was a different theater but we got out and started walking the few blocks before it dawned on me that we could actually be at the wrong place. We had to drive instead of walk but we made it just in time. As soon as we heard people clapping in between the music, we dashed down some stairs into our portal.

We had some pretty fantastic seats. We were in one of the first three rows and all the way on the end. We were sitting in front of the up-right bassists. There were a few violin solos that were actually beautiful. The music pieces played almost sounded like a walk in the forest. They played Scheherazade. I also loved hearing brass instruments. It was a lovely mixture of harps, trumpets, and string instruments. I’m sure there were more but it all came together so nicely. It was nice sharing this moment with my husband even if we managed to be late.


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Bucket List Check | 190. Go to a Drive-In Movie

This week’s date night took us back to the 1950’s under a start-lit sky.


We headed over to the Silver Moon Drive-In to see The Duff. The original plans were to see Cinderella but we ran out of time so we had to see a later showing. That was fine because it gave us a chance to get a bite to eat at Zaxby’s which is my favorite fast food restaurant besides Taco Bell. We don’t have a Zax close to home so anytime we are out of the area, we always always stop there. It hit the spot, that’s for certain.


We arrived to the late showing of The Duff slightly early so we waited and got situated while Insurgent was finishing up. We weren’t too invested in the movie considering we still hadn’t seen the first of the series. I actually want to read the books first anyway.


We had a nice set-up of sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets in the back of my SUV. We were able to back in front and center and lift the back glass part of the hatch to see the projected movie clearly. We even streamed the radio through my honey’s phone so we didn’t have to keep the car running.


Other than the daunting mosquitoes and the humidity of Florida, it was such a lovely time snuggling up with my husband. Our feet were hanging out the window which is the ultimate movie foot rest.

I wasn’t taking a photo of the movie itself. Just of our toes in the wind.

I’ve always loved the Silver Moon. It is a very cute establishment that hasn’t lost its age. Jumbo sized “medium” drinks still don’t cost more than five dollars if you get two and you just feel the simplicity all around you.


I used to love going as a kid with my family and I still love it. I think the drive-in is a perfect date for a brisk fall night. Florida is less brutal that way.

The movie was pretty funny. It was extremely modern obviously and I can see what they say about it being the Mean Girls of this generation. I thought it was a combination of that and Easy A anyway. There were definitely parts that had us laughing but you’ll have to see for yourself!


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Bucket List Check | 183. Go to a stand-up comedy show

I honestly didn’t know what to expect out of this adventure because it was a small and inexpensive one; to be honest, I often find myself questioning if I even have a sense of humor because I take myself and life way too seriously. I have learned to loosen up and let go though. Kind of. We were both exhausted and had a rough week so far, so we didn’t want to go anywhere. However, we both got dressed and dragged ourselves out of the house on a work night.

And boy am I glad we did!

Kind of dark. It was really hard to get a picture.

If anyone were to ask me right now what my favorite bucket list experience has been as of late, I would say this experience hands down. For the love of Groupon, I’m so glad we went out on this Thursday night. I left with my cheeks hurting from laughing so hard. To just sit there and laugh with my love and not having to worry about anything was one of the greatest feelings. 

I found myself forgetting about all the stresses of the week, not touching my phone, and simply enjoying the presence of my husband and these awesome comedic talents.

Everyone there was laughing it up and having a great time. There were couples on date night, people hooting and hollering, and an entire table of elderly retired folk that were probably laughing louder than us 20-and-30-somethings. (They were the butt of a lot of jokes, all in good fun of course, but they were such great sports even with the flying f-bombs.) There was enough to go around though! Everyone got to experience being poked at.

There were a few comedians before our main guy. There was Jeff Tinevez, the guest comedian, who was pretty funny. He wasn’t on for very long but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Then Jander Gray who was the host but had me laughing from the start and in between all the comedians, especially when he was briefing about cell phone usage and someone’s phone went off.


And lastly, there was Rick Stepinsky who was also super funny. He got to know everyone in the room asking where we were from and if we had kids. When my husband shook his head no, guess what came next? The automatic question of whether we had cats after being married for almost five years with no kids. I lost it there because we have two. I just couldn’t stop. I was crying from laughing too hard before I even made it five minutes in.

All of them were fantastic. Inappropriate jokes, jokes about us, and people just having a great time.

wpid-img_201503202676.jpg wpid-img_2015032043252.jpg

Our headliner was Paul Bond and he is a very cool dude. He is hilarious in fact! He told so many funny jokes, made awesome facial expressions that had me rolling with laughter (probably my favorite part), and he sang (quite amazingly at that!) He went through all the different profiles of races and my favorite was “sorta Rican”. He sang different parodies of songs while he played the guitar. He gave us a sample of his Christmas album which is basically all of your favorite classics twisted inappropriately. For the Hispanics in the room, which was one and the one I am married to mind you, the song was a parody of Bailamos by Enrique Iglesias. Instead, it was “by the balls” about marriage and it was sung to one of the older couples who have been married for 45 years. It was hilarious! He wasn’t just making silly jokes which I really like. He actually lightened up situations that people put too much value behind and he made fantastic points about the world needing to laugh more. I really appreciate that he is all for a cause, too. At the end he was selling his humorous CD’s and uses 100% of the proceeds for animals back in New York where he is from. That touched my heart because anyone reading this knows how much I love animals and try to help as often as possible.

wpid-img_2015032020780.jpg wpid-img_2015032051798.jpg

We enjoyed our laughter and presence of good people with a plate of nachos and some drinks. We were at Snapper’s Grill and Comedy Club, so since they were apart of each other, there is a two item minimum. I got a strawberry daiquiri (one of the best I’ve ever had might I add) and my love’s two items counted for a whole pitcher of one of his favorite craft beers. The prices were fantastic so it was very reasonable. As he sipped (and spit out) Jai Alai by Cigar City, he slipped more and more into a drunken state. He was adorable though. It was so cute because there was a moment I thought he got lost or fell in while he was using the bathroom, there he was just chatting it up with Paul, telling him how awesome he was, and even passing out my business cards.


The happiness we left with was immense. I haven’t seen him laughing or smiling like that in a while. He really enjoyed his time and there’s no greater feeling than a success of its kind. The environment was very relaxed, the people were fun to be around, the comedians were very good at what they do, and the staff was incredible. They are friendly and very attentive. I love what they do and if we don’t end up coming back every Thursday, we will definitely be returning and with friends at that.

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Double Bucket List Checks | 192. Jump in a trampoline room & 111. Eat from a food truck.

Tampa has a fantastic resource for finding the famous food trucks. There is a website available to look up which are active on which days and where they would be. Today we went on a scavenger hunt to find Tamales and Mexican Food by America’s Disaster Relief at the Cigar City Brewery. With my husband being the craft beer connoisseur he is, I figured it would be a perfect addition to go on one of the tours they offer. So, we did. We walked around the brewery learning about the process that goes into brewing beer with awesome souvenir pint glasses filled with some of the best local beer of Florida. It is world-class in fact. I don’t really like beer but I still think Cigar City puts out some great beers. My husband will swear by Jai-Alai IPA (in fact most would) and I actually liked it for the most part. We tasted Jai-Alai, Hotter Than Hellese, Maduro, and a uncarbonated double IPA. That one was really good. My love managed to snag doubles of each and I am a lightweight who drank on an empty stomach; needless to say we both “accidentally” ended up a little tipsy. It definitely wasn’t even five o’clock yet…

The food truck we specifically wanted to eat at didn’t come until 4 PM so we had a lot of waiting to do. We waited even after finishing everything we wanted to do there and I’m glad we did; it was so worth it! Spanish food is our go-to and we literally eat burritos for nearly every meal. Tamales and Mexican Food by America’s Disaster Relief have fantastic prices, a really friendly staff, and very efficient services. They even have every hot sauce you could think of and that is incredibly helpful for hot sauce nerds like us. As hotheads, we loooove having a variety obviously. The service was extremely quick as well. I think we had our food within five minutes and it was done with quality. Even with how large they are, they didn’t fall apart and get extremely messy (she even gave us tips on how to eat it the best way!) The burritos are giant and so fresh. We had to take half of them home because we were so full halfway into it. My favorite part was the staff. There are two of them: a fantastic chef and a sweet woman. We talked for a few minutes about their future plans, some of the events they attend (even local which we plan on attending to revisit them!), and their offices are somewhat close to us also. I love love the fact that they are one of the only food trucks in Florida based on charity. They are in the running for a big-time food truck cook-off in Texas in a few months. I really hope they win it because they would deserve it.

We also went jumping at the Airheads Trampoline Arena and quickly got reminded of our age. We had to buy some grip socks and redeem our Groupon (oh, that is the best). Then we entered the trampoline area. As there were a bunch of kids literally bouncing off the walls around us, we managed to do so for about ten minutes and had to sit down again. I now realize why they have fitness classes there. Apparently you can burn 1000 calories per hour. We went back out there and jumped together in our own corner. We started run-jumping from the back of the trampoline area all the way to the other side to see how high we could reach the vertical trampoline part. We both jumped on the walls, fell, sat out of breath, I giggled endlessly, and it was all in good fun. I thought I had a lot of photos but I guess I haven’t learned my GoPro just yet. The exposure time was off so I didn’t get many photos that weren’t blurry. However it was a lot of fun being a kid and bouncing around as Tigger would even if we went back and forth between the bleachers and actually jumping. There was a junior jumping section and a dodgeball section which was pretty cool. There were so many cute kids running as fast as they could and jumping. There was a little girl who made my day. She saw where I have Flounder and Sebastian from the Little Mermaid tattooed and thought it was so cute. She talked to me about my entire sleeve and kept feeling the colors. It was the sweetest thing.

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Bucket List Check | 186. See a foreign film

Brought to you by… pure chance!

I understand how easy it would have been to simply plop down on my couch with my hubby and put Amelie in a DVD player. That would have been a quick tick on the ol’ faithful bucket list. I had bigger plans in mind though.


There’s a beautiful historic theater in the heart of downtown and this is where I wanted to make memories of the 186th item on my list. I am in love with this theater for many reasons.

The architecture is to die for, maybe literally, because you know… ghosts. As well as a massive organ that comes from the stage, and as I’ve mentioned, the most wondrous deep purple sky that has twinkling stars the entire time your movie, show, or play is on. There is a lingering hint of nostalgia due to taking many elementary school field trips to see a live Peter Pan play. I never forgot how mesmerizing the faux night sky with twinkling stars is.

The theater has been around since 1926 and the second you walk inside, you can tell. From the outdoor kiosk, to the lobby, to the theater itself, you can smell the history. You can’t miss the theater from the outside either – especially at nighttime. Dispersed in the center of skyscrapers, you can be drawn in to the little corner of Tampa with the twinkle of a bright marquee blade sign that shines “Tampa Theater”. There are immeasurable details scattered within the walls, in the balcony, in the ceiling, and on the stage. It is nearly impossible to take it all in. For example, you can find an old-fashioned phone embedded in a column of the wall and guarded by gargoyles.

gopr0436 gopr0400

The reason I mention ghosts is because the Tampa Theater is regularly apart of Tampa’s ghost tours. The theater can sometimes be eerie but that’s where a lot of the charm comes from and it definitely makes the experience that much better.

They offer many diverse ticket stubs to go in your back pocket. Two years ago, I went to see It’s a Wonderful Life a couple of days before Christmas along with a Christmas series they were showing. Lately they’ve shown 80’s movies, classics, Halloween movies, shorts, holiday classics, and so much more. Then that’s when they happened to throw in a single French film for my liking.

I spent hours on no end for months sporadically checking the website and constantly refreshing in hopes for a foreign film to play. I even emailed the management office and asked when/if they would play another foreign film. A few days ago I made a random instinctual decision to check the showings and to my surprise I saw the words “in French, with English subtitles”. I freaked out in excitement and a bonus for being in French. I am obsessed with French culture and one of my biggest dreams is to go to France. This sprouted from a twinkle in my eye once upon a time ago in my high school French classes. I even remembered some of the words! (Fraises for strawberries, the obvious je t’aime for I love you, and à tout à l’heure).

gopr0394 gopr0428

The movie we had the pleasure of viewing was an indie flick by the name of Deux jours, une nuit or Two Days, One Night. It was directed by award-winning brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. It was about a woman recovering from a depression and sick leave, fighting for her job upon her return. Her boss figured the company could survive on sixteen employees and they were forced to vote on either her keeping her job or them keeping their bonuses. She had the weekend (hence the title) to visit each one and convince them to choose her on the re-ballot Monday morning. Some of them were jerks, some were kind-hearted souls, but each provided her with a different insight and reaction. Her husband and kids help her and she battles falling back into depression the entire time. They new vote is cast and the outcome is shown with a few twists. In the end, she ends up happy, and that’s all that matters right?

Despite a less than pleasing ending, I had so much fun walking around the dark, empty, red velvet corridors, laughing and looking for ghosts with my favorite person. We sat on the high balcony with one other set of people so we were able to cut up and make jokes without disturbing anyone. We did so and had fun as if we were on a first date. Kissing like we were dating, sharing popcorn and laughing with each other in genuine bliss, with Village Inn on our mind when the movie ended – it easily lands on my list of favorite recent bucket list adventures, even though it wasn’t necessarily a big one.

gopr0440 gopr0432


Au revoir!



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Bucket list check | 185. See Rocky Horror Picture Show Live

wpid-img_201501114145.jpgI would like to proudly announce that there are no longer any Rocky Horror VIRGINS on this blog!

And now I know where the world goes after midnight Saturday nights in Tampa. Why, they are at the Rocky Horror Picture Show put on by the Cheap Little Punks of course. Never have I had so much fun, so late, being out and about. The incredibly lively show added fabulous excitement to my life from 11:30 P.M. to 2:30 A.M.

For incredibly inexpensive tickets, you can enjoy the experience of a lifetime in the craziest lingerie you can find in your drawers way after the sun goes down. If you have any corsets, be sure to wear it, it amplifies the experience all that much better!wpid-img_2015011152932.jpg

Let me rewind and explain a few things. There is such thing as a RHPS virgin. Usually for first-time goers and quite frankly I took the entire cake home for never even seeing the movie itself. Hubby did, too. As the opener explained, it is a bit of “hazing” for people who never made the time to go to one of the shows. We wanted to share this experience with a dear friend of mine and her husband (C and D), so naturally she texts me beforehand and tells me “oh, the virgin thing is no big deal”. I take it at face value and just focus my energy and excitement on the craziness I was about to undergo.

That’s when we get there, go into a dark theater, and take our seats when she tells me….

“I rat people out and never haven’t done so.”


Never have I downed an appletini so fast. If I was going to have to go on stage in front of everyone, I was going to be ready, and less sober, haha! They make the call for all virgins to stand up and as smoothly as I tried to get out of it, it didn’t work, for she exposed me of every last bit of virginity in my body (hubby, too!). The cast members saw me and they just weren’t going to accept me sitting back down. After her literally pushing me away from my seat and them convincing me to go because there would be no other chance, finally I marched my high heels to the stage. I’m just glad I wasn’t alone and that my husband was there to share the stage with me. There were quite a few people on stage so we didn’t get picked for the mortifying part.

All we had to do was take part in a gigantic group hug. The chosen ones had to pick their favorite cartoon character and then give their best impression of an orgasm of that character. Between Sonic, Hulk, Optimus Prime, Spongebob, Shaggy,  and the Roadrunner, Optimus Prime won. He even transformed with his hoodie and everything, but it was by far the funniest thing I had ever seen.

So I merely want to thank her for pushing me out of my comfort zone, as it is not something you want to miss, and I’m glad it happened. Even if we didn’t have to answer such questions as “What is the craziest place you’ve had sex at?” in front of so many people. I’m also glad my other half was right there beside me.

After the preliminary virgin ceremony, you go into the disclaimers and rules. There isn’t really any and you can scream “f you” to the rules and literally everyone does. The disclaimer is pretty much to tell everyone who is offended easily to leave in which case the opener asks everyone to scream the worst bad word they know. The guys behind us kept saying “football” in a really weird voice and it was the funniest thing in the world. Not only could they not understand them because it sounded foreign, but they would say it in the worst times. I don’t even know if they were saying the word football. Regardless, it was ridiculous and fun.

The rest of the show is pretty self-explanatory. You have the ability to buy a prop bag that holds miscellaneous items such as gloves, cards, a newspaper, and a party hat to use during the film. Some were to be thrown and some were used to copy what the actors are doing at any given time. For instance, when they are walking in the rain with a newspaper on their head, we are to put it on our head, and it is all in good fun.


I definitely want to go back when I have seen it by itself and know what to yell during which scenes. Practically the entire movie has scenes where the audience yells funny, dirty, and raunchy lines back at the characters. You’re supposed to yell “slut” every time they say Janet’s name, Bullwinkle during a particular scene with saying Rocky’s name, and even in the beginning where the cast members pretend to climb the narrator’s tie. And most famously, the time warp! I can officially say I danced the time warp at a RHPS show and it was so much fun.

The costumes were fantastic, the actors in drag were a great sight, the dancing was fun and upbeat. Watching the live audience dance, sing, and interact with the audience whilst the film was playing behind them, is an indescribable affair. You really just have to experience it for yourself and you can experience the audience participation of a lifetime.

At one point when Janet starts running around the table in her underwear, you are actually encouraged to run around the room with a bunch of people you in the audience and cast, in your underwear! One chick was even topless and it was just the craziest thing I had ever been to.

 People were drinking, being silly, and just doing their thing, because you really just have to at the show. We surely didn’t do that part, but we threw cards and yelled the little lines we knew to yell.

This will definitely be a repeat and I’m going to find someone who has never gone before to take with us next time, when we memorize the lines a little better, and get a better outfit for the occasion. I will make sure to never break the trend that is menacingly forcing my friends on stage to experience the little skip of a heartbeat I experienced my first time.


wpid-img_2015011147772.jpgSex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll!


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Bucket list check | 189. Go to the Circus

Queue the circus music!


Just kidding, I didn’t hear that kind of music. I didn’t even see “real” clowns. They were modernized so it was a pretty cool perspective to see my first circus in.

We went to the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey circus expecting to be wowed!

Let me just say I think I was the most excited for the animals but it was a pretty fantastic show.

Before the doors open, you have the ability to see the animals up close. The animal open house afforded me the opportunity to see two white tigers cuddle and rub faces affectionately with each other. I thought it was so cute that I squealed obnoxiously. It is safe to say the tiger is one of my favorite animals. We also saw camels and elephants. They are all such graceful animals.


I either need to start being fancy with ticket and seating choices or getting my prescription checked! My extremely strong glasses are failing me and I could barely see! However, I still managed to enjoy myself but I think it is the year to get new glasses. AH.

The way I think any circus would be smart to be is the way they conducted their grand show. They lead up to the most exciting of events. The beginning was fantastic though. The show they did for us was the first of its kind. There were portions of the old show, the one I worked at once, and additions otherwise. They take different themes from around the world and each set of acts is for that particular country they’re in. The animals correspond with what theme they’re in at any moment as well. We watched men balancing on a tight rope, women being shot from cannons at 40-something miles per hour, and a man balancing on a spinning wheel making our hearts skip a beat when it seemed like he was going to fall. Whether or not he missed the jump rope the first time on purpose or not, still made me gasp and move forward in my seat expecting a freak accident to occur.

My favorite key parts were:

The animals

We witnessed the elephants being adorable and eating whole loaves of bread.


We witnessed tigers hopping and licking their paws doing big kitty-cat things. I LOVE CATS. Oh how badly I wish I could own a tiger without it wanting to eat my face.


I would love to just cuddle all the time. Just as I mentioned previously, the two white tigers who cuddled with each other were just breathtaking to see up close.


My absolute favorite part was watching the tigers play and correspond with their trainers in such ways that one wouldn’t normally see. The camels ran, the elephants twirled, and tigers leapt. They were just pretty to look at, let alone prance around with music playing around them.


The trapeze artists


I always thought the act of twirling in the air, bending in all sorts of positions with ribbons, is one of the most beautiful forms of art. They gracefully float and contort to the sound of the music in the shows of perfect light. One of the trapeze scenes is actually an underwater play on the “journey” they make through the continents and that brings me to my next favorite.

The mermaids

At the end of intermission, I noticed in the corner of my eye, a man carrying a woman with a shiny piece floating down. That’s when it hit me. It was a tail…of a mermaid! I was so delighted that my favorite mystical creature was going to be apart of the show. There were about six of them colorfully flipping their fins in mid-air as the blue lights and sound of ocean water combined made the effects of an ocean.


The “concrete jungle”

The second-to-last was an accidental stop from the depths of the jungle into the “concrete jungle”. This act was probably my favorite as they had BMX tricks, modern clowns break dancing (quite a sight), and back to my love of animals: poodles doing tricks! As if bringing out poodles walking and hopping weren’t adorable enough, two smaller miniature poodles come out and do tricks under the big dogs! My favorite was when two big poodles hugged each other in air and the little poodles ran right under their bridge. They looked like the happiest little doggies you could ever see!


And the excitement in the air.

As I sat there with my $7.00 bag of peanuts and my husband’s $11.00 beer, we simply enjoyed ourselves in the moment. There were kids running around with the biggest smiles on their faces, adults who had never been to the circus equally excited, and workers walking around dreading the mess they have to clean up but excited nonetheless to sneak peeks of the animals and whatnot.


*Disclaimer: And… I know this from experience. Working in this arena has afforded me many opportunities to “sneak” bits and pieces of some shows. I worked so hard cleaning bathrooms so my supervisor would give me my moment to shine…in the dark of the curtain, watching the tigers, every time I heard their music come through the loud speakers. It was worth every single peanut I swept and every single muscle in my back being strained in the process.*


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Bucket list check | Halloween Horror Nights & Other Orlando Adventures

Fair warning — This will be a long one! A lot more words than I expected and not as many pictures because well, it isn’t an easy task getting pictures in the dark and of creatures that move too fast for a snapshot. I also apologize in advance for the small amount of photos that may be blurry.

We like to seize the opportunity to get away for the weekend any chance we get. The opportunity doesn’t typically make its cameo appearance in our life so when two events collided into one weekend, we were ecstatic. The reason being is because our original plans included two separate trips to Orlando for two separate pairs of tickets all taking place in the same exact location. That’s when we decided that instead of making the hour and a half drive to Orlando twice within the month, we would both see my favorite band in concert and attend Halloween Horror Nights 2014 in the same weekend.

We started the trip by belting old school pop punk songs from high school that we (mostly me) embarrassingly remember. Once we arrived, we did not have quite the best experience with the hotel we found but honestly, it didn’t quite matter considering it was not the biggest slice of the weekend cake we were to indulge in. Upon arrival, coupons offering free drinks from the hotel’s on site restaurants were bestowed upon us. We didn’t have any intention to participate in much consumption during our trip in Orlando considering we not quite like to follow the bread crumb traps left to lead tourists in and spill their wallet. However, we figured we would take advantage of this opportunity. I received my cocktail before we ventured on and my husband received his pint of beer after returning.

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Bucket list check | Go to the Zoo

“Oh well in five years time we could be walking round a zoo
With the sun shining down over me and you
And there’ll be love in the bodies of the elephants too
And I’ll put my hands over your eyes, but you’ll peep through

And there’ll be sun sun sun all over our bodies
And sun sun sun all down our necks”                                  – 5 Years Time by Noah & The Whale



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Bucket list check | Tour a Beer Brewery

Apologies ahead of time as I am a bit late for posting this story due to the doing nothing nature of our long weekend. We both needed this rejuvenation to get back in order for work. Anyway, enjoy!

It is truly fascinating to discover what adventure is lurking just around the corner if you just open your eyes without having to open up your wallet.


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