Bucket List Check | Get a Degree

I graduated with my Associate’s Degree in Applied Management. I would love to stay in the business field and keep writing on the side or even integrate it into a career one day. The big deal to me is that I worked hard throughout a year and a half and made it to the end even through everything that happened in those years.

We went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant afterward and had a nice outing with my parents. I’m glad I have their support. It’s nice knowing people are there cheering you on.

I plan on getting my Bachelor’s degree in accounting and minoring in finances. I love the organization of the numbers and I truly enjoy it. Math was never my strong suit but I like to move them around as opposed to making up mathematical scenarios. I’m great at budgeting but if you throw me back into a math class in high school? Nope. I would love to integrate my writing with business. Writing is my preferred field after all.

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