Bucket List Check | Use a Pottery Wheel

This is definitely a skill you have to practice to fully grasp. It isn’t as easy as it looks and it is very messy. I was covered in wet, mucky clay. I also had to start over many times and my creations definitely didn’t look perfect. You have to move your hands in a certain way, while applying just the right amount of pressure, and then you let it dry.
A few days later, we were to come back and dye our pieces. Unfortunately we never had a chance to see the finished product. The shop was only open at certain times and we were extremely busy with the end of my pregnancy. I was informed that they throw out “unclaimed” pieces after a few month. When I called, the woman couldn’t tell me if our pieces were still available so I didn’t want to drive that far on a “maybe”. Oh well. Maybe next time.
That’s what Groupon is for, right?

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Bucket List Check | 80. Paint with Wine Session

It seems this artistic activity has taken off with popularity within the past couple of years. We wanted to experience it for ourselves of course. So, off to Painting with a Twist we went! We loaded up our hand-painted glasses from a Groupon last year and set off on our starry adventure.

wpid-img_201503281951.jpg wpid-img_2015032812534.jpg

I had a moment with the driver next to us and my wine glasses. Sometimes I do weird things without even realizing it. I definitely tried putting the base of the glass in my mouth in its entirety. I make bird bites so I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I looked over and she is laughing hard at me. So of course I laugh and then when I tell my oblivious husband, he starts laughing… We’ll just call that my moment for the day. Already a few hours earlier, I fell into the glass wall of a restaurant we left while on my bike. Classic clumsy Sami.


I was slightly nervous because I have a very nonexistent artistic ability. However, I knew there had to be a catch. There had to be a reason for everyone leaving with a great finishing product. I feel of course anyone can paint a beautiful piece if they set their mind to it whether they are an artist or not, but still. I feel like maybe my chance of creating a piece that didn’t look like a three-year old’s portrait was slim.


Turns out, everything is pretty much set up and laid out for you. On arrival, you had a blank canvas on an easel and a fancy paper plate pallet of colors neatly set up at your spot. It was just so lovely.

wpid-img_2015032833379.jpg wpid-img_2015032844126.jpg

I was nervous my picture wouldn’t come out anywhere near the actual painting but I actually did it! I was very excited about this aspect. It was so easy and enjoyable. My cold kind of got the best of me like last weekend but I still had so much fun sipping on wine with my love and letting the brush move in its own way.


Hubby was loud as usual and wasn’t ashamed (that was before the wine) and everyone around us loved him. He was even connecting on the guy across from him by belting Bohemian Rhapsody. It was blissful watching them chuckle around us because of him. Everyone created a beautiful piece and I was glad to be surrounded by a bunch of genuinely nice and adventurous people.


It was as easy as painting by numbers though. The instructor explains every brush stroke. Ours consisted of a lot of dotting and swirls. We severely appreciated this piece because it was very Van Gogh-esque although it was really “Starry Night at the Swamp”. He is hubby’s favorite artist so there was no way we would miss this night.

I loved the quotes flying around the room throughout the paint session. I kept hearing something along the lines of “paint is alive; you have to let it do what it is going to do on its own”. I love that because it’s a motto all my artistic friends live by. I hear it often and then see these amazing masterpieces come of it.


There’s nothing I love more than connecting with the people who dedicate their time to these sorts of things. The same goes for the type of people who sign up for these activities. The instructor’s name for the night was Joelle and the assistant was Deb. They were both so much fun to have in class! You could tell both love what they do in the artistic world. Joelle was very kind and really helped us feel great about the colors we were putting on the canvas. She showed there was no wrong way to create.


Deb walked around and assisted us very well and made sure we knew we did a great job. We even got caught chatting it up with Deb on a more personal level while we were checking out the archive of paintings that have been painted in the studio. I loved that they both laughed throughout and that made the environment relaxed rather than serious. There were so many beautiful flowers, trees, and even an Eiffel Tower. There were so many I’d love to go back and paint.


I also liked that since we had our wine glasses, one asked us where she could go do it and we ended up giving her the phone number and name of the place. Ah, I love my website for this reason. It makes me happy with all the crap that goes on in ‘boring’ life.


Voila! The end product turned out nicely. We managed to match up both of our halves. He painted the tree half and I painted the boat half. He mentioned it being nice that both of our styles came together in the end. I also like this because both of our separate personalities shown through. We worked together and our works of art came together as one. It was a very cool idea for date night. I added more dots and (we added a lot of dots!-I feel like that’s all we did, haha! Somehow we dotted our way to the end product.) I love what we created together!


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Bucket list check | Make Soap


By no coincidence did this clean-cut adventure appear on our list proceeding the recent completion of reading Fight Club. That does not mean I wasn’t taking notes while finishing my novel by Chuck Palahniuk. Prior to reading this book and having any idea that there was soap making involved, I read about the traditional way of making soap from scratch. That’s precisely when I decided we would not be going down that route to make our soap. I didn’t even need the scenes in the movie or book with the lye contact and kiss marks on his hand explaining the process that goes into making soap. Everything in regards to the dangerous effects that go hand in hand with chemical burns of lye just with physical contact was enough for me. I normally get whatever I’m working with everywhere when I’m trying to make a new recipe of any sort so it was not a risk I was willing to take.

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Bucket list check | Make a Mosaic

We thought we completed this bucketlist item months ago but realized we didn’t “actually” make a mosaic. We basically cemented some stones together on a stepping stone kit we bought at Michael’s. We realized it wasn’t quite a mosaic: bits of glass or tile that create a picture. We decided to redo the activity later and this time the end product was so great!

We started with two pieces of boards, some mortar, some grout, and some plates. We went to HomeGoods to find already broken plates or plates that were on sale. We accomplished and found all of the colors we needed for our piece.

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Bucket list check | Finish a Wreck-This-Journal

A new post – brought to you by? My lunch break and time to kill!
I bought this journal when I was still in high school. Six years later, married, with four pets, and a lot of life changes come and gone, I noticed it still wasn’t even close to being complete. That’s when I took it upon myself to go on a binge to complete the massive amount of blank pages remaining at the seam. I took photos of some of my favorite pages as I realized that I put too much faith into the ‘creative art side’ of myself sometimes. Maybe I can’t draw like Vincent Van Gogh but I like to think I can write. I simply don’t mind. Everyone has their own trade, so don’t judge mine. 😉 Also, some of these pages are absolutely gross but that’s because of the directions noted. Anyone reading this from their email will see that it won’t make much sense unless you physically view the post. I have a gallery set up with captions to see the finished pages of my masterpiece. All I have to say is that this book is so entertaining and filled with fun.

DSCN2143 DSCN2199

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Bucket list check | Throw Darts at Balloons Filled With Paint

AKA your chance at one-of-a-kind fun art that exists with no two alike—or for the fellow girls like myself who fell in love with the heartfelt scene of Anne Hathaway, Mia Thermopolis as we know her, and her mother played by Caroline Goodall, throwing darts at a gigantic canvas with much more balloons and rain ponchos on.


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Bucket list check | Date night – Double Checker – Photo Booth

Why we decided to randomly go out for a date on a Tuesday night, I still don’t know. It was a nice night but now I know why we decide to hold date nights until the weekend.

We decided that we would go see a movie so we made a pit stop at the local mall. I figured we could check two items off while we were out and about. We retrieved a bite to eat and then meandered to the photo booth.

wpid-wp-1408715905318.jpeg wpid-20140822_095629.jpg

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Bucket list check | Make an Origami Animal

We made an abundant farm of origami to dwell on one of our empty shelves. Although I cannot lie by saying this was the least frustrating activity I’ve ever done, I can admit that I had fun learning how to manipulate paper creases to create three dimensional creatures.

I have accomplished creating a three-year-old’s elephant, a traditional crane, a cat, and a super adorable panda that has a head that won’t stay on.

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Bucket List Check | Blowing Glass

Blowing glass has by far been one of my most favorite experiences.

We managed to complete most of the process by ourselves and the rest with the aid of the professional guiding us. We repeatedly heated up the “glob” of glass. It’s a back and forth process because the temperatures have to be high enough to keep the process going at each stage. My favorite part was rolling the “glass glob” into bits of colored broken glass to make the color. Mine was red and purple while hubby’s was green and blue. We rolled it into shape and then used a “punte” to finish off the bottom of glass. The “punte” is the instrument you use to make the point. You use a long metal rod with a heated up glob of glass and attach it to the one you’re working on. If you didn’t, you’d have two gaping holes at each end of the glass cylinder. Then you fill in the bottom opening and start working on the other end of it. The part you drink from is opened up to size with instruments that look like pliers and then by blowing the opening.

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Bucket List Check | Wine Glass Painting

Once upon a Groupon deal, we came across wine glass painting. I had looked at the same deal for over a year until we decided to go and actually do it. I asked myself why we would go out and do something we could do in our own home for less money. I’m really glad I changed my mind because it was one of the best experiences we’ve had for doing artsy things. There were people flying out from other states just to use their Groupon here. That’s really saying something about the credibility of a place.

When we got there, we found out that it was a small shop in Tampa. The man who ran the shop was one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. He had so much to say and so many stories to tell. He had started a shop to express his most favorite things in life; His wine glass painting studio doubled as a karate class. He was one of the nicest people and I’ll never forget how quirky he was. He cracked jokes with us the entire time and made everyone in the class be social in a way and made us feel welcome.

IMG_7718 IMG_7684 IMG_7682

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