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Back in the old days, in the beginning of our marriage, things were a lot harder than they were now. We weren’t able to do many things for ourselves then so the fact that we were able to go to such an amazing place says a lot about how much fun we had.

You learn to appreciate things more when you can’t do them easily.

I had gone many summers with my family when I was a teenager but to be able to go with your husband for the first time together? It isn’t your typical movie and dinner date, that’s for sure. It is almost as if it were a staple for relationships in Florida. Everyone has to go with their significant other at least once in their life. I’m sure glad we did because we had such a blast. It was one of the best weekends we had ever had.

We spoiled ourselves enough to make it a weekend to remember since it took us months to save up for it in the first place. We left all of our worries and struggles behind though. Our first wedding anniversary was celebrated a little late but it was well worth the wait. We had an exciting dinner, fun time at both parks, and stayed in the coolest hotel.

We went all out as if we were 8 years old again. We had no choice because we came down for the weekend from north Florida which at the time was a bust. If anyone knows anything about Live Oak and Lake City, Florida is that there is nothing really there. The biggest thing we could plan for the weekends was going to the mall in Gainesville an hour away or to the strip mall that seemed like it was going out of business a little closer.

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